Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Dear First Insight Friends,

The horrific murder of George Floyd on May 25 by the hands of a white police officer was a stark reminder that some lives and people are not treated equally in this country. It was a reminder that racism is real and that far too many people are treated with the utmost hate, contempt, and bias.

“The time is right to do what is right.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

On a personal note, the last few days have been really challenging for me. There has been heartbreak, mourning, and sadness amongst my family and friends. I am disgusted by the open lynching and murder of black people in far too many incidences in this country. We cannot tolerate this.

Likewise, I am disgusted by systematic economic racism that has minimized and denied access to both economic opportunity and social justice to this community. This is not the America I thought I knew.

As a person of color and an immigrant, I have built First Insight with strong values around equal opportunity and equity to all races, color, gender, and sexual orientation. I am very intentional about making sure that given the history of oppression of the black community that they are treated equally and fairly.

I hope this incident and the outpour of support converts into action so that this community receives equity in wealth and social justice that it respectfully deserves. Only then can we have the America we want. All Lives Don’t Matter Unless Black Lives Matter.

I would appeal to all of you to support First Insight Corporation in this resolve by not just words but action today.


Nitin Rai
President and CEO
First Insight Corporation