Optometry Software Solves Business Challenges for 3 Practices Optometry Software Optometry Software Solves Business Challenges for 3 Practices

At SECO International 2024, we spoke with eye care professionals about their experience with optometry practice management and EHR software.

Dr. Erick Henderson, Dr. Sarah King, and Melinda Littell shared what they like best about and how it helps solve daily business challenges.

Erick Henderson, OD – McCauley Celin Eyecare Associates

Dr. Erick Henderson had previously used multiple optometry EHR and practice management systems before he joined McCauley Celin Eyecare Associates. However, he found to be the easiest and most efficient software. He is particularly impressed with its ability to manage patient data and enhance communication with patients and staff.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: “ eliminates glitches with a seamless EHR workflow and fewer clicks. The software provides easy access to patient information and allows me to quickly analyze the data, which leads to clearer communication among patients and staff.”
  • Secure Access: “I can access anywhere, whether on a tablet or computer. This feature is invaluable when my staff needs me to address issues or answer questions while attending optometry meetings or being away from the office.”
  • Stress-Free Workflow: “’s accessibility and quick response time ensure I don’t have to stress about day-to-day work. It allows me to focus on providing quality care to patients without being overwhelmed by administrative tasks.”

Practice Stats: Customer since 2011. Seven-doctor practice, three locations in Pennsylvania.

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Sarah King, OD – King’s Eye Care

Dr. Sarah King said upgrading to has had a profound impact on King’s Eye Care. The new system not only enhances office efficiency and productivity but also improves patient engagement. With quick access to information, King’s Eye Care has strengthened the patient-provider relationship, and it helps the practice stay ahead of the competition.

  • Generate Reports Quickly: “The reports are amazing. I can run reports in two seconds. For instance, since every payment in connects to a specific line item as an individual transaction, we can run reports for any date quickly and accurately.”
  • Step-by-Step Support and Guidance: “The integrated Learning Center provides a structured approach, allowing new hires to learn quickly. Staff no longer struggle to find answers to their questions, as they can refer to videos, courses, walkthroughs, and quick tips.”
  • Centralized Platform: “The all-in-one system is a great perk! With all the patient data and engagement tools in one place, we eliminate switching between multiple screens. Upgrading to has greatly improved productivity and reduced errors. The new system offers so many new time-saving features—we love it. We have more time with patients.”

Practice Stats: Customer since 2009. Five-doctor practice, one location in Kentucky.

Melinda Littell – Randall Littell, OD

Customer support is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. One standout feature that Melinda Littell appreciates is the online assistance and efficient problem resolutions she receives from the First Insight team. Moving from outdated software in 2020 with limited learning tools to resulted in a smooth transition. Four years later, the practice still enjoys using a system that prioritizes the customer.

  • Easy Learning Experience: “The Learning Center is a standout feature, providing immediate access to answers and support. fosters a collaborative learning environment, making learning more enjoyable and user-friendly.”
  • Instant Customer Support: “The online chat feature lets us quickly contact customer support, a convenient way to resolve issues. If support can’t answer our questions via chat, they escalate this to a phone call.”
  • Positive Implementation: “Trainers went above and beyond to provide comprehensive support and guidance. Their proactive approach ensured a smooth onboarding and learning experience.”

Practice Stats: Customer since 2020. One-doctor practice, one location in Tennessee.

Optometry Software That Delivers You Proactive Solutions’s all-in-one optometry software works hard to solve your daily challenges. Because every practice and doctor is unique, having a comprehensive EHR and practice management system that only displays test elements or data entries you need for that encounter is critical. Your software should allow you to remove clutter from the screen—a less is more approach.

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