How Optometry Software Transformed Vision One

Vision One Boise and MaximEyes Optometry Software

How Optometry Software Transformed Vision One

Selecting the ideal optometry software for your practice is a pivotal decision that significantly impacts efficiency, patient care, and overall success. Evaluating features and benefits that align with your specific needs is essential.

For April Bodily, Practice Administrator with Vision One Boise (a three-doctor practice), the switch to’s all-in-one EHR and practice management system from Medformix, has proven to be a seamless transformation that has changed how Vision One operates.

What makes stand out as the best optometry software for Vision One Boise? April shares her experiences and insights.

How was your experience transitioning from Medformix to

Implementation and onboarding are critical factors in the success of any software move, and shines in this regard. We have absolutely loved our switch to—it has been a seamless process.

Our office opted for onsite training, and I highly recommend investing in your staff. A hands-on approach ensured we were well-prepared to maximize the software’s capabilities immediately.

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How do built-in training courses and guides within simplify onboarding?

When we hire new employees, they can easily access and explore the software without much guidance. The built-in Learning Center within significantly reduces the time and effort required to train new team members. With all the resources and training modules available, staff quickly familiarize themselves with the software—making them more efficient.

How has appointment scheduling within benefited your practice?

Creating appointments within saves us a lot of time training staff. We can easily build and change schedule templates in seconds. Simplified scheduling streamlines office workflows and enhances the patient experience by reducing wait times. Most important, it ensures that appointments run smoothly for all our doctors.

Describe your experience with customer support.

Whenever we need help or assistance, somebody is always a chat or phone call away. The quick and responsive support team at is ready to assist at any moment. For example, the customer support team can access and troubleshoot any issue remotely by taking control of our system and showing us how to solve the problem. The Ultimate Solution for Eye Care Professionals

From the seamless implementation to the robust features, user-friendly design, and outstanding support, has proven to be an invaluable asset. has transformed the way the team at Vision One works every day.

Vision One’s experience is a testament to the fact that choosing the right software makes all the difference in running a successful optometry practice.

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About Vision One Boise: Vision One Boise is a three-doctor (Gregory Bodily, OD; Jason Fronk, OD; and Christine Chong, OD), one-location practice in Boise, Idaho. Dr. Bodily specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, soft and gas-permeable contact lenses, ocular disease, aviation vision, and management of LASIK and cataract surgery. Dr. Fronk specializes in children’s vision, surgical co-management, and specialty contact lenses. Dr. Chong specializes in pediatric vision exams and ocular diseases. Featured photo provided by Vision One Boise.