Onsite MaximEyes.com Optometry Software Training is a Game Changer

University Eye Associates

Onsite MaximEyes.com Optometry Software Training is a Game Changer

University Eye Associates, a 9-doctor, 3-location practice in North Carolina and a MaximEyes software customer since 1999, recently transitioned to the new MaximEyes.com all-in-one optometry EHR and practice management system.

Practice Administrator December Johnson shares how onsite training and reliable customer support are game changers for University Eye Associates doctors and staff.

A Smooth Optometry Software Onboarding and Go Live Experience

Switching to a new practice management and EHR software is often challenging, especially when you have a busy practice to run. However, with the proper training and tools, you’ll experience a smooth transition to harness the full potential of your EHR and practice management system. That’s why First Insight provides the best training and tools to help you make the most of your system.

“I’m not sure how we would’ve made it through transitioning to MaximEyes.com without the onsite support from Devin and Elizabeth (MaximEyes.com trainers),” said December. “We onboarded at one of our busiest times, and our team hadn’t worked in the sandbox as much as we’d hoped. I was expecting major interruptions in our workflow at Go Live, and it went much smoother than expected!”

“Devin and Elizabeth were there for any questions and worked to resolve concerns right away. All our doctors and staff felt they had a direct resource when they had issues. They were much more at ease through the process than we predicted.”

University Eye Associates MaximEyes.com Optometry Software

MaximEyes.com Customer Support Delivers Positive Solutions

Rapid response time and long-term solutions are the foundations of First Insight’s service model. We know you’re busy and that you value your patients.

“The customer support team at First Insight has always been one of my favorite vendor teams to work with,” said December. This transition time has been no exception. They are prompt, attentive, intuitive, and find solutions. We truly appreciate the support and the ‘lifeline’ when needed.”

When you choose an optometry EHR software, look for one that provides you with reliable customer support (online chat, email, and phone support), onboarding training (online and onsite), and interactive learning tools within the software.

For instance, MaximEyes.com’s self-guided built-in learning center makes learning easy with how-to documents, guides, video overviews, tutorials, and tips. Test your knowledge with online courses at your own pace 24/7. Each course helps you and your staff know each module in the system, and a course assessment will test your knowledge.

Book a phone call with a MaximEyes.com representative for a quick chat or request more information. Spend more time on what matters the most—your patients.


About University Eye Associates: University Eye Associates is a 9-doctor, 3-location optometry practice located in Charlotte and Davidson, North Carolina. They specialize in treating cataracts, dry eyes, common eye injuries, lazy eyes, low vision, pink eye, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. University Eye Associates providers include Dr. Kenneth Best, Dr. Robert Hamp, Dr. Maggie Metwalli, Dr. Claire Schmidt, Dr. Michelle Do, Dr. Emilie Seitz, Dr. Marie Huegel, Dr. Carlene Solomon, and Dr. Tammy Hawks.