Optometry Software Checks All the Right Boxes for Peak Eyecare

Peak Eyecare and MaximEyes

Optometry Software Checks All the Right Boxes for Peak Eyecare

Choosing the right optometry software can be daunting when starting a practice from scratch. You need an intuitive, feature-rich, secure, and cost-effective software solution.

Davis Capaccioli, OD, founder of Peak Eyecare in Durango, Colorado, faced this challenge and found the solution in MaximEyes.com’s all-in-one cloud-based EHR and practice management system. Since adopting MaximEyes.com in 2021, Peak Eyecare has been able to focus on seeing hundreds of patients every month with ease.

In this blog, Dr. Capaccioli shares his experience with MaximEyes.com and explains what he likes best about the software.

Why did you choose MaximEyes.com over other optometry software?

When I opened Peak Eyecare in 2021, I demoed five optometry EHRs. My main focus was on usability, features, benefits, and cost. I was impressed by how modern MaximEyes.com looked during the online demo. I selected MaximEyes.com because it stood out from the rest.

In addition, the monthly payment for the MaximEyes.com cloud-based service and support is based on the number of doctors, not the number of staff.

What business functions in MaximEyes.com do you like best?

Accessible from Anywhere: Working remotely is easy with MaximEyes.com–anywhere via a web browser. We have peace of mind knowing that the software adheres to secure cloud protocols to protect our patient data.

Drop-down and Free Type Options: My previous software didn’t allow me to type freely; we only had drop-down options. I use the free type in MaximEyes.com often to type corneal findings while I perform patient assessment. In addition, the patient notes include many options, and I like how easy it is to add comments about the number of children and dogs in the household.

Encounter Forms: The layout of the encounter form fits our needs quite well. It shows only the data we need to see, eliminating clutter that results in fewer clicks. Plus, we can create an unlimited number of patient records.

Automated Coding and Triggers Based on Final Findings: This feature saves me several minutes per patient. Codes are triggered once I complete the exam based on my final exam findings. Outbound documents are automatically sent to the patient portal to alert the patients or to other physicians via secure email or e-fax.

Optical Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management: Knowing what products we have in stock is critical to running a practice. MaximEyes.com tracks, analyzes, and monitors optical point-of-sale with spectacle and contact lens overview dashboards. We track who sells what, when, and where. For instance, we look at the inventory of accessories we sell and determine what we need to reorder.

Peak Eyecare Optical POS

Photo provided by Peak Eyecare

Running Reports: Generating inventory reports is quick. Since every payment in MaximEyes.com connects to a specific line item as an individual transaction, we quickly run reports for any date.

Online Scheduling & Patient Reminders: Our patients love being able to schedule their appointments online. We notify patients via text and emails about upcoming appointments, reminding them when their eyewear is ready for pickup.

Billing Manager: Once we create the Superbill, MaximEyes.com notifies our third-party billing company to process claims. We can enter unlimited line items for services or products on one Superbill. We stay on one screen to post insurance payments and make any corrections.

Patient Intake/Consent Forms: Collecting patient information before patients arrive at our office speeds up the check-in process. Patients love the intake forms, so they don’t have to come early to complete paperwork.

All too often, patients would leave out critical details on the paper forms. But now, we email or text every patient our digital intake and consent form. This is accessible on our website and is set up automatically through MaximEyes.com. When the patient finishes the form, the data transfers directly to the chart, eliminating time-consuming data entry.

Patient Portal: MaximEyes.com’s patient portal improves communications and patient satisfaction. We quickly respond to questions from patients that they submit via their portal. The portal has an intuitive layout where we can upload their protected health information from their visits. A patient portal simplifies complying with the Contact Lens and Eyeglass Rules.

How do built-in patient engagement tools help your team connect with patients?

MaximEyes.com’s built-in patient engagement tools have helped our team connect with patients and improve patient satisfaction.

Once we schedule a patient, they receive a reminder text three days and one day before their appointment, asking them to confirm their appointment. The note will transfer to their MaximEyes.com patient record and our scheduler if they confirm their appointment. This saves my staff time as they do not have to call the patients who have already been confirmed.

We also use the online schedule feature, which has been a HUGE asset to our practice. For instance, I will look at the Monday schedule on Friday evening and look for gaps. However, when Monday rolls around, sometimes those gaps are filled with patients who book online over the weekend or late at night. Having a full schedule makes a big difference in our bottom line.

How easy was it to learn MaximEyes.com?

MaximEyes.com was extremely easy to learn. Besides the onboarding training we received, the built-in Learning Center provides valuable tools whenever you get stuck.

For instance, we can access informative documents, videos, and walkthroughs that guide us in the right direction within minutes or seconds. This resource is quite helpful for brushing up on a specific feature or when new staff join our team.

How would you rate your MaximEyes.com customer support experience?

There is no perfect software system, but the First Insight customer support team always responds to our concerns and focuses on finding a solution quickly. Customer support informs us if the issue requires an extended period to resolve.

Throughout the past few years using MaximEyes.com, I’ve noticed that First Insight values customer satisfaction and focuses on delivering the best possible service.

MaximEyes.com Optometry Software Checks all the Right Boxes

If you’re looking for optometry software that checks all the right boxes, MaximEyes.com is the way to go. Book a phone call with a MaximEyes.com representative for a quick chat or request more information. Choose software that helps you focus on providing the best care for your patients.


About Davis Capaccioli, OD: Dr. Capaccioli is the founder of Peak Eyecare in Durango, CO. He completed his doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley, graduating with honors, after earning a B.S. in General Biology from the University of California at San Diego. Photos provided by Peak Eyecare.