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“We’re not a one-size fits all practice. It’s easy to customize EHR workflows. I can add or remove virtually any elements on an encounter form. And I can access my schedule and patient data anywhere on my tablet, laptop and phone so I can focus on providing better patient care.”


Mark Rosanova, MD
Chicago, IL
4-doctor practice | 3 locations

designed with eye care providers to work like you do

We understand that every optometry and ophthalmology practice is as unique as the patients it treats. With MaximEyes EHR, you have the flexibility to tailor the system to your needs or get started right away with pre-built exam templates.

Either way, you’ll feel like the system was made for you and your staff. That’s because we built it from the ground up with help from practicing eye care experts like you.

speed up your workflow with 30+ pre-built exam templates

Make patient visits more efficient with problem-oriented assessments/plans and disease-specific templates for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal and corneal diseases, diabetes and other chronic eye diseases.

Eliminate hundreds of keystrokes per day with dozens of documentation shortcuts. Click one button to view and/or copy previous exam data for each exam element or transfer data from your exam to billing and optical departments.


exam templates









everything you need to be more productive

tailor exam templates to your workflows

Personalize your optometry and ophthalmology exam lanes by modifying virtually any elements or fields in exam forms, editing lists, or coloring text and fields. Then view doctor exam elements on a single screen. Build your own rules to suggest diagnostic and procedure codes based on your exam findings. Even take advantage of touch-screen capabilities on a compatible monitor to quickly navigate and enter data without a mouse.

Customize letters and reports for your patients and referring doctors, as well as treatment summary forms to better educate patients. Generate documentation at the end of the exam with a few clicks.

streamline patient visits with one-click access to images and reports

Turn patient information into new insight and improve workflow with our cloud-based image management system, EyeClinic Imaging. Consolidate diagnostic data, images and reports from all your ophthalmic imaging devices—fundus cameras, visual fields, OCTs and more—using DICOM and non-DICOM interfaces. Then quickly access what you need 24/7 on any computer or mobile device from anywhere on the cloud to analyze the data side-by-side.

Since EyeClinic Imaging integrates with any optometry or ophthalmology EHR, including MaximEyes EHR, or can be used as a standalone system, you’ll have a better view into your patients’ overall eye health.

increase reimbursements with compliant coding that’s spot on

No need to search for codes at the end of the exam or worry about under- and over-coding with Code Complete. Built-in coding wizards suggest accurate ICD/CPT codes, documents and plans based on patient exam data you enter. And ICD-10 is no sweat with our smart ICD Selection Tool. Easily find and select ICD-10 codes, and then let this powerful tool automatically prompt you for modifiers if you forget any.

Code Complete

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Code Complete

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Code Complete

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Selection Tool

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dig deeper with query capabilities

Our super search tool makes data mining easy. Create your own queries on exam findings on virtually any data field to find certain encounters or a list of unique patients.

save time with 250+ equipment integrations

Eliminate transcription errors by importing patient diagnostic results from ophthalmic refractive and imaging instruments, including fundus images, visual fields, OCT scans and more. Then access the data instantly in your MaximEyes exam records.

illustrate health concerns

Educate your patients by showing them health conditions using realistic 3D templates and disease state stamps. Capture and save measurements from drawings for gonioscopy, anterior and posterior exams.

“The built-in drawing tool makes it easy to illustrate health issues. Measurements are stored as findings and they self-populate in the patient’s exam record. I can use the freehand drawing tools and color palette for adding details and other notations.”


Christopher Weber, OD
Effingham, IL
2-doctor practice


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