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Running a successful optometry practice requires a keen eye for identifying practice management opportunities while finding innovative ways to increase patient satisfaction. The definition of success for any business is revenue growth. To grow your optometry practice, your patients need to be happy and your staff needs to be productive.
Does your eye care business comply with payment security standards and use compliant payment processing solutions for credit and debit card transactions? Is your payment solution using point-to-point encryption, PCI compliance, tokenization, and EMV technology?
HIPAA compliance and HIPAA risk assessments are challenging tasks for many optometry and ophthalmology practices. There is one compliance task you can't do once then sweep under the rug—and that's to perform a HIPAA security risk assessment or risk analysis regularly for your business.
Optometry practices often don't spend enough time on their own business because they're too busy with patient care. But patient care isn't the only concern. Managing your business effectively and efficiently is crucial to the success of your optometry practice.
Looking to consolidate patient images and diagnostic reports from imaging devices into one ophthalmic image management system that integrates with your optometry or ophthalmology EHR? Want to eliminate costly paper reports, time-consuming scanning and filing? Ready to save time with quick access 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or mobile device from anywhere?