Why MaximEyes.com is the Easiest Optometry Software to Use and Learn

MaximEyes.com Optometry Software

Why MaximEyes.com is the Easiest Optometry Software to Use and Learn

Moving to a new optometry software shouldn’t be like navigating through a dark, cluttered attic with the lights off. For many offices, transitioning from outdated software can be stressful, complicated, and challenging with data migration, onboarding, and training staff.

However, the good news is that MaximEyes.com’s all-in-one EHR, practice management, patient engagement, and optical point-of-sale software for optometry and ophthalmology tackles your frustrations by reducing the hurdles—ensuring a smooth transition and a reliable, user-friendly experience.

As you research what software works best for you, consider four key pillars where MaximEyes.com stands above the rest. It’s not just about choosing the most advanced eye care software; it’s about getting the proper support and training for you and your staff to use it effectively every day.

1. Dedicated optometry software onboarding and implementation expertise before go-live

We’ve learned a lot from working with eyecare professionals in the past 30 years. A smooth software transition depends on how well your staff is ready with onboarding and implementation, which are essential processes that equip everyone with knowledge and skills.

That’s why we provide dedicated onboarding and implementation resources customized to your needs. We assign all practices experienced implementation coordinators who have years of eye care knowledge. Our team will guide you and provide hands-on support to configure your system to match your unique patient encounters and workflows.

“The whole process of changing to MaximEyes.com was relatively painless. We were amazed at how straightforward the First Insight training and deployment teams set everything up for us.” –WyoVision Associates (See Success Story)

2. Flexible virtual learning and onsite training

Continual learning and development are critical to the success of all eyecare practices. It’s an investment in your most valuable business asset—your employees.

First Insight offers both virtual and onsite training options. Virtual training gives your staff flexibility, letting them learn at their own pace, while onsite training provides a hands-on experience that makes all the difference.

8 benefits of optometry EHR onsite training

Trust us, the investment in onsite training is worth it. Your staff will be well-prepared to maximize the software’s capabilities from day one. Our software trainers have years of experience in the eye care industry, which means they understand what you need to succeed.

Explore the advantages of investing in an onsite training package through these eight key benefits:

  • Bring your online onboarding experience to life by complementing the online training guides, videos, and courses in the self-guided Learning Center within MaximEyes.com.
  • Receive customized assistance tailored to align precisely with your business objectives.
  • Leverage a cost-effective and convenient solution, bringing an expert trainer directly to your office for your entire staff, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • Network and interact with a trainer, emphasizing the importance of in-person discussions to help you better understand specific processes.
  • Participate in hands-on training, enabling you and your staff to practice skills and engage in real-world scenarios unique to your practice.
  • Sparks new ideas and encourages the thinking process.
  • Motivate employees by fostering teamwork.
  • You apply what you are learning immediately.

“I’m not sure how we would’ve made it through transitioning to MaximEyes.com without the onsite support. We onboarded at one of our busiest times. I was expecting major interruptions in our workflow at Go-Live, and it went much smoother than expected.” –December Johnson, Practice Administrator, University Eye Associates (See Success Story)

3. Intuitive MaximEyes.com integrated learning center


Watch the MaximEyes.com Integrated Learning Center Video

There is nothing more valuable than having educational resources available at your fingertips. For example, do you need quick clarification on a specific workflow? With the MaximEyes.com Integrated Learning Center, you are able to quickly find informative documents, videos, and walkthroughs that guide you in the right direction within minutes or seconds.

The Learning Center isn’t just a resource hub; it’s your go-to place for educational materials—courses, on-demand webinars, and more. Your staff chooses how they want to learn, making your entire experience easy and engaging. The visual aids, images, and examples make even the most complex workflows easy to grasp.

“The built-in Learning Center within MaximEyes.com significantly reduces the time and effort required to train new team members. With all the resources and training modules available, staff quickly familiarize themselves with the software—making them more efficient.” –April Bodily, Practice Administrator, Vision One (See Success Story)

4. Access reliable online customer support from within MaximEyes.com

Accessibility and support are top priorities for MaximEyes.com. If you encounter an issue you can’t resolve, you will be able to connect with the support team from within the software. Our online support system ensures that issues are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime for your practice.

Our mantra is a customer-driven approach that helps you focus on your business, and we have the stats to prove it. These statistics reflect our commitment to transparency and the reliability of our support services. User feedback received through the surveys contributes to our continuous improvement efforts. We value your input, which guides us in refining and enhancing the support services we provide within MaximEyes.com.

The integrated email feature within MaximEyes.com adds another layer of convenience. Users communicate directly with the support team without leaving the software, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted conversation with our support specialists.

The positive feedback from our customers has consistently demonstrated the effectiveness of the online support system. We continually rate “Good to Excellent” 96–99% of the time. Whenever you encounter a challenge, we want you to know you have a reliable and efficient support system at your fingertips.

“Customer support is the best we’ve ever experienced. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful. We love using online chat and receive support usually within seconds.” –Rebecca Verna, OD, Modern Optometry (See Success Story)

MaximEyes.com delivers reliable implementation, onboarding and customer support

There are many software options for optometry, optical and ophthalmology practices to choose from. However, where MaximEyes.com shines is our commitment to onboarding expertise, flexible training options, an intuitive Integrated Learning Center, and accessible online support—all of which contribute to the overall success of your practice.

Invest in your staff’s education to discover the full potential of MaximEyes.com and take your eye care practice to the next level.

Book a phone call with a MaximEyes.com representative for a quick chat or request more information. Spend more time on what matters the most—your patients.