The Top 5 Benefits Your Optometry EHR Software Should Provide

Benefits Of Optometry Software

The Top 5 Benefits Your Optometry EHR Software Should Provide

Why have so many eye care professionals adopted optometry EHR software? Because optometry practice management and EHR software have the power to transform the patient care experience. EHR software can also lower your productivity or frustrate you to no end if you choose an inefficient product.

Not all technology is created equal. You need an EHR system with a feature set that will both solve operational challenges and help you reach big-picture business goals.

Before you invest in optometry software—or while looking for a new one—make sure these 5 benefits are part of the package deal.

5 Must-Have Optometry EHR Software Benefits

1. Speed of Documentation

Roughly 32% of patients reported experiencing a gap during the information exchange process. Your optometry software should provide speedy documentation, so you can focus on the diagnosis and communicating with the patient.

To avoid inconsistencies, only use the equipment and operating systems supported by your EHR software provider. Ask about any ancillary equipment requirements before you sign on the dotted line.

Lastly, make sure your ophthalmic diagnostic equipment/instruments are compatible and that they can rapidly transfer patient data from the equipment back to the practice management and EHR system.

2. Customized Workflows

To increase face-time with your patients, find optometry EHR software with workflow customization options. With EHR software like MaximEyes, you’ll gain user-friendly tools that help you quickly enter patient notes into EHR records. You can then easily arrange data elements on the screen to fit your preferred workflows for different types of visits.

Also look for an EHR that allows you to easily switch from one exam template to another, if necessary so that any data already entered carries over to the new exam template.

3. Automated Coding and Outbound Communication Documents

Automated coding, or computer-assisted coding (CAC), helps analyze your data entry. This feature suggests or triggers diagnostic codes and procedure codes automatically based on terms or phrases you have documented in the exam.

Your EHR software should also trigger outbound documents that you would typically send to another physician or the patient. This saves you time since you do not need to search and select those documents.

4. Navigate Fewer Screens, Pop-Up Windows, and See More Data

Optometry EHR software should be user-friendly and provide the quickest route to enter and view patient data. Navigating fewer screens with fewer pop-up windows means you get through the exam more quickly without having to jump back and forth in the EHR to see key data.

5. Data Protection

A data breach costs companies an average of $3.8 million, according to Healthcare Dive. Properly handling and protecting patient data is critical. Think about which kinds of certifications you need and ask your vendor questions like:

  • Does it encrypt protected data while at rest?
  • Is multi-factor authentication used?
  • What authentication tools are used to get into the system?
  • What measures protect data from theft, loss, and hacking?

Finding optometric EHR and practice management software with strong data protection measures is a critical factor in providing quality patient care. Look for an EHR that includes built-in functionality that adheres to HIPAA requirements for user access controls, privacy, and security.

When your practice is fully compliant, your reputation as a trusted eye care provider remains intact.

Optometric Practice Management Software and Optometry EHR Software Benefits

Now you’re ready to get the most out of your optometric practice management and EHR optometry software with time-saving features you know your practice needs. Below is a list of a few benefits provides to help your staff feel more productive and empowered.

Unified Cloud-Based System – is optimized for your Google Chrome™ browser. Or, if you prefer, run on your local server. Access data anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Functional and Effortless Navigation – Create customized exam forms to fit your workflows for different types of patient visits. See more data points per screen if you want to navigate to fewer screens. Speed up the end of the exam and use the Code Complete customizable rules engine to trigger diagnostic and procedure codes, outbound documents, or alerts based on your findings.

Fast Reports – Quickly view comprehensive analytical and financial reports. Process detailed annual reports in seconds or minutes, or pre-set dates for email delivery.

Enhanced Patient Demographics – View patient insurance, diagnoses, family member account information, appointments, recalls, and optical orders on one dashboard screen.

Comprehensive Optical – Select lens packages with two clicks. View Rx history, orders, and quotes. See eyewear profile and recommendations from the doctor.

Straightforward Billing and Insurance Processing – Experience faster checkout. Generate simple to understand patient statements. Quickly enter payments from patients and insurance payers.

E-Prescribing Interface – Send prescriptions to pharmacies and import medications prescribed by other physicians via a certified two-way award-winning built-in e-prescribing module, which includes controlled substances.

Cloud-Based Ophthalmic Image Management – Consolidate patient images and diagnostic reports from imaging devices into one ophthalmic image management system that integrates with your EHR software. Access patient data from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Data Conversions – No need to worry about rekeying data from other software systems with our easy setup. We take care of transferring all the essential information for you, and can easily migrate data from most EHR and practice management systems.

Affordable Pricing and No Long-Term Contracts – Get itemized quotes and a simple monthly fee that includes customer support for a complete package.

Complete Customer Support and Training – A built-in learning center within that empowers your staff with a wide range of training options. Quick and quality customer support—we resolve issues so you can focus all of your energy on treating patients. Optometry Software

MaximEyes practice management and EHR software are one of the optometric industry’s leading solutions for eye care professionals across the United States. See if MaximEyes is right for your optometry practice.