A Stress-Free Conversion to My New Eye Care Cloud EHR

Peter Falk, OD, ReVision Eye Care

A Stress-Free Conversion to My New Eye Care Cloud EHR

Dr. Peter Falk and his partner, Dr. Michael Downs, with ReVision Eye Care, needed a better way to manage eye care software patient encounters and image management, improve office productivity, and enhance the patient-provider relationship.

Spend a few minutes with Dr. Falk and find out why his practice switched from a local server EHR (Compulink) to the unified MaximEyes.com eye care cloud EHR and practice management software.

What challenges did you experience before you started using MaximEyes.com cloud EHR?

Our previous software was difficult to access outside our office when working from home. The vendor did not focus exclusively on eye care, so they did not appreciate some of our special needs in optometry.

Plus, we were frustrated with the additional monthly expense of hiring an IT company to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update our hardware and software. Moving to MaximEyes.com, we no longer need to install, maintain, or back up our patient data—MaximEyes.com does it all on a secure cloud-based system. Now we can focus on growth without breaking the bank.

How did you decide that MaximEyes.com eye care software was the best fit?

First, I really enjoy using MaximEyes.com. The eye care cloud EHR system is impressive in so many ways, and it is much more user-friendly than our previous optometry EHR.

During the online demo, I quickly saw everything is hyperlinked and easily accessible. During the demo, I made a list of pros and cons to differentiate between MaximEyes.com and our current system.

Also, because we outsource our eye care billing to a third-party service, we notified them that we were switching optometry software systems. Our billing service, which works with multiple eye care software systems, recommended we check out MaximEyes, and we’re so glad we did. We’re happy to announce that we’ve successfully transitioned our insurance billing.

What 3 functions in MaximEyes.com optometry software help you increase office efficiency and productivity?

Secure Cloud Solution: Using a cloud-based EHR allows us to work remotely anywhere and anytime, from any device using the Google Chrome™ web browser, and our data is protected in the Microsoft® Azure cloud.

Electronic Prescribing (e-Prescribing): The bi-directional e-Prescribing integration within MaximEyes.com allows me and Dr. Downs to send prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy and import a list of medications prescribed by other physicians back into the MaximEyes.com EHR. It’s effortless to write and submit regulatory-compliant digitally signed electronic prescriptions.

The e-prescribing tools increase patient medication adherence and give us access to patient medication history, current formulary information, dosing, drug-drug, drug-allergy, and duplicate therapy interaction alerts.

Ophthalmic Image Management: EyeClinic Imaging, embedded in the MaximEyes.com EHR, makes it very easy to view patient ophthalmic testing data in one place. We no longer have to print (and hunt for) paper copies.

The images and testing results automatically upload into EyeClinic Imaging, where I can review them with a single click directly from within the EHR or log in to the system remotely from home.

I love viewing images side-by-side to detect and annotate any changes. EyeClinic Imaging helps me educate patients on why they need these tests.

What 3 things do you like most about MaximEyes.com?

Customize EHR Workflows: Building and modifying exam forms and encounter types are effortless to customize with MaximEyes.com eye care cloud EHR. I can quickly determine how much data I want to see per screen and use customizable rules to trigger diagnostic and procedure codes, outbound documents, or alerts, making it faster and easier for me to finalize the exam.

Real-time Frames Inventory: Managing accurate frames inventory is very easy with the Frames Data web integration. All it takes is a click of a button to access the real-time Frame Date integration within MaximEyes.com.

Easier Scheduling: With cloud-based optometry software, we can quickly adjust the appointment schedule on the fly. Everyone in our practice is on the same page no matter when or where they’re accessing the software. It’s super easy to add extra appointments or urgent visits.

What do you like best about the 4PatientCare online scheduling integration with MaximEyes.com?

Our practice uses 4PatientCare’s online scheduling and patient engagement platform to communicate with our patients. Patients find the web scheduler registration form on our website easy to book appointments 24/7. The best part is 4PatientCare syncs with the MaximEyes.com schedule in near real-time, and double bookings are drastically reduced.

ReVision Eye Care 4PatientCare Online Scheduling

4PatientCare Online scheduling image provided by ReVision Eye Care

How would you rate your MaximEyes.com data conversion, implementation, and training process?

Our EHR data conversion and implementation process were very smooth and easy. The implementation checklists, onboarding sheets, and updates were extremely helpful.

While I rushed the implementation process to “go-live” quickly, the MaximEyes.com team took on the challenge and accomplished everything in record time.

How easy was it to learn MaximEyes.com?

Most of our staff are comfortable with computers, and overall we had a smooth transition from the old system to MaximEyes.com. We spent several sessions with an implementation coordinator who guided us through practice sessions using the system from check-in to check-out based on our existing workflows.

We can also access the Integrated Learning Center within MaximEyes.com and download training guides, how-to documents, and watch short videos 24/7. And if we have any questions or need help, customer support is an online chat or email away.

Do you have pro tips for other practices still considering optometry EHR and practice management software?

Look for an optometry practice management and EHR system specific to the eye care industry—one that focuses on what you need for long-term growth and office efficiencies. Attend an online demo, take notes, and ask questions.

Most importantly, choose a company that provides top-notch training and technical support. I am quite happy I selected MaximEyes.com by First Insight Corporation.

Ready to refocus on patient care and migrate your eye care software to the cloud? Let’s discuss the many advantages your practice will experience with MaximEyes.com.

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About Peter Falk, OD: Dr. Falk has been an independent optometrist since 2013 and is a partner at ReVision Eye Care in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. He is a member of the American Optometric Association and Wisconsin Optometric Association, and he is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry. Dr. Falk enjoys spending time with his wife and children. When the weather cooperates, you’ll find him on the golf course, running, or enjoying the outdoors. ReVision Eye Care provided photos in this blog.