The Importance of Reputation Management: Don’t Get Left Behind

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The Importance of Reputation Management: Don’t Get Left Behind

If your patients have a negative experience at your office, they hold the power to tarnish your business’s online reputation in just a few clicks, and you could feel the impact for years. With the popularity of social media and online review sites, eye care practices are expanding their online presence.

In today’s digital age, a company’s reputation is more important than ever, and failing to monitor it can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue. That is why reputation management has become crucial in helping eye care practices maintain good patient relationships.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management helps build trust and credibility with your patients and protects your brand from potential crises and reputational damage. It involves keeping track of what people say about your business online. This includes monitoring review sites, social media platforms, and other online spaces where people might talk about your practice.

By staying on top of what people say, you can quickly address any negative comments, respond to patient concerns, and take steps to protect your brand reputation.

How Will Reputation Management Tools Benefit Your Eye Care Practice?

Using built-in reputation management and other patient engagement tools with your eye care EHR and practice software will help relieve stress from another task you would have to add to your list. Without reputation management, you must manually send your patients surveys and reminders to complete a review after their visit.

For instance,’s all-in-one eye care software includes built-in reputation management tools. Create settings to automatically send your patient an SMS or email to complete a survey based on their experience. In addition, send automatic reminders if your patient has not completed the survey in a few days.

Ignoring the importance of reputation monitoring can have serious consequences. Negative reviews and comments will quickly spread, damaging your brand’s reputation and making it difficult to attract new customers. Today, a company’s reputation is more important than ever, and failing to monitor it often leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Key Takeaway Reputation Management Benefits

  • Customizable solution based on your needs
  • Multiple language capabilities for surveys
  • Ability to solicit reviews from past patients
  • Multiple account logins depending on the access required
  • Email/text delivery reports improve the accuracy of patient information

What Improvements Will You See with Reputation Management?’s Reputation Management uses several strategies to help eye care practices analyze and establish their online presence. Below are six improvements you will see.

1. Improved Online Reputation

100% of clients have seen improvements in their reputation. A proactive approach is the best way to an accurate and positive reputation. See improving trends over time and access notifications and reports for all reputation activity for each location and provider.

2. Patient Satisfaction Monitoring

Know how each patient felt about their visit through consistent outreach after every appointment. Clients typically see 30–45% response rates. For instance, a survey is sent after a patient’s visit based on custom frequency, and patients are automatically sent to review sites. All feedback is recorded and organized internally for tracking purposes.

Customize and automate surveys with multiple questions. Choose from multiple choice, Likert scale (measures opinions, attitudes, behaviors), free response, or NPS (Net Promoter Score) style questions.

Reputation Management Survey Monitoring

3. Patient Retention

Stay in touch with patients to improve retention with scheduled texts and emails. Engage patients with customized automated eCards for birthdays and holidays to show patients how much you care.

4. Patient Service Recovery

Improve patient service recovery rates by up to 80% by proactively addressing unhappy patients. Get notified of every negative experience and use a seamless process to address them. Set hierarchies to ensure no unhappy patient is left behind.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the Comment Analysis tool applies “sentiments” to patients’ comments so you can easily analyze feedback. Effortlessly pinpoint strengths and weaknesses regarding patient satisfaction—segment results based on doctors or departments and other parameters to identify opportunities for patient care improvement.

5. Practice Operation Trends

Use robust and customizable reporting to understand satisfaction and reputation trends across all locations, providers, and staff.

For instance, the Word Cloud Insights feature visually shows how often certain words or phrases are mentioned in patient feedback. Gain new insight into how patients feel about your practice and help to identify any problem areas. Print or post Word Clouds online as unique marketing material.

Word Clouds Reputation Management

The Listings Consistency feature lets you view the most important listings information in one place. Stand out on search engines by keeping your listings consistent. Track NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) regularly.

The referral tools make gaining more referrals from satisfied patients easy through an automated and trackable process. Use a simple process to refer patients to healthcare specialists with the highest ratings.

6. Efficient Time Management

Commit minimal hours a week to improve your online reputation. The reputation management software takes care of it for you, and your level of interaction with it is entirely up to you.

Make Reputation Management a Priority for Your Practice with Advanced Technology

Don’t get left behind—make reputation management monitoring a priority for your business. By staying on top of what people say online, you protect your brand reputation and stay ahead of the competition. With the right reputation management tools and strategies, you can ensure your brand will be in the best possible light with potential and current patients.

Are you ready to take your practice and brand to the next level? Request an online demo of and see how built-in patient engagement tools will attract more customers, engage patients and increase patient retention so they keep coming back to you for all their eye care needs. Optometry EHR