Customizable Optometry Software is a Game-Changer for Our Practice

Modern Optometry Rebecca Verna, OD

Customizable Optometry Software is a Game-Changer for Our Practice

The domino effect theory is the cumulative effect created when a specific result sets off a chain of similar results. Using customizable optometry software to simplify patient flow can highly impact the efficiency of your practice in a domino effect.

The smoother your practice runs, the less stress you and your staff will have to handle, allowing you to focus your energy and time on the areas that matter the most to you and start dropping those dominos one by one.

For Rebecca Verna, OD, founder of Modern Optometry, and her husband, Jason Haughey, ABOC/Practice Manager, switching from Compulink to was a realization of great features her staff was missing out on, such as the ability to customize exam screens for different examinations.

Below, Dr. Verna and Jason share their experience after moving to the new cloud-based all-in-one optometry EHR and practice management system.

How was your experience transitioning from your previous optometry software to

Every EHR transition has bumps when implemented because it’s new, and people don’t like change. Transitioning to was an excellent decision for our office: great price, support, training, and ongoing enhancements.

It took my staff about 30 days to realize was better and easier to use than our old software, and now we can’t imagine returning. First Insight focuses on customers’ needs and continually improves the software to make it more user-friendly.

How do customizing exam screens and workflows save you time?

I have about 15 different exam screens set up, and they are tailored to precisely what I need—for example, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye care, contact lenses, or an eye prescription check.

During short exams, I can pick exactly what I need, have what I want, and what I will use on the screen, making it easier for myself and my scribes. And with fewer clicks throughout the software, we get things done quicker and have more time with patients.

In addition, allows me to set up the billing with the correct procedure and diagnosis codes for new or existing patients, depending on their needs.

How does the built-in patient portal help you communicate with patients?

My favorite part is automatically transferring eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions from the EHR directly to patient portals when I sign off on the exam charts. These timely responses allow me to easily share electronic health information and comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Cures Act Information Blocking Rule.

What do you like the best about the CLX System integration with

CLX System and

I love the integration with CLX because we can participate in Vision Source’s FOCUS on CONTACT LENS program very easily. At the end of the day, my staff or I can enter all the orders, and with the click of a button, all orders are sent to CLX. verifies there are no double entries or transcription errors and that all patient information is securely delivered to CLX.

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How would you rate customer support?

Customer support is the best we’ve ever experienced. We’ve been using for over a year and are very happy with the support we receive—everyone is always pleasant and helpful.

We love using online chat and receive support usually within seconds. The customer support team resolves issues as quickly as possible and follows up with a phone call or email if they can’t resolve the issue immediately.

Experience the Many Advantages of Optometry Software

The team at First Insight understands how crucial it is to get your staff up to speed when learning new EHR and practice management software. The built-in Learning Center provides interactive training resources such as how-to-documents, videos, online courses, and quizzes to test the user’s knowledge. If you ever get stuck on a process and need help moving forward, we have a helpful customer service team ready to help you find solutions.

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About Dr. Verna: Dr. Rebecca Verna, O.D., is an Optometric Physician specializing in diagnosing and treating eye diseases and contact lens fitting at Modern Optometry in Northeast Philadelphia. Dr. Verna is a 2002 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. She is an Administrator for Vision Source. Dr. Verna has her Undergraduate Degree from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and their two dogs. Jason is a certified optician and practice manager at Modern Optometry.

Modern Optometry provided the featured photo in this blog. Pictures courtesy of Anthony Santoro/Diamond Photography.