How WyoVision Uses Optometry Software to Enhance Patient Care

WyoVision Associates Uses Optometry Software

How WyoVision Uses Optometry Software to Enhance Patient Care

WyoVision Associates is all about giving patients attentive and precision eye care. Delivering the best patient care requires an efficient optometry software system that consistently provides reliable customer support and expert training.

The doctors and staff at WyoVision (a four-doctor/two-location practice in Wyoming) have used MaximEyes software since 2011. Recently, the office switched to, the newly redesigned all-in-one optometry EHR, practice management, and optical point-of-sale system.

So, how does the WyoVision team run an efficient office, engage patients, and customize workflows for four doctors? Here’s their story.

Why have you stayed a customer with MaximEyes since 2011?

Customer support at First Insight has always been courteous, thorough, and reliable. Throughout the years, the system workflows have been easy to follow, customize, and understand.

When First Insight redesigned MaximEyes, they spent considerable time with eye care professionals testing and validating the system design, walking through different workflow scenarios, and ensuring the layouts coincide with what the doctors and staff need. And they graciously accept feedback and suggestions to improve.

How do customizing optometry software exam screens and patient workflows save doctors time?

One of the benefits of using is the ability to customize exam screens, modify templates and referral letters, and adjust workflows for our four doctors.

We strive to provide attentive, quality care. Using efficient optometry software doesn’t bog us down by processes not pertinent to our mode of operation—this allows us to focus on what’s most important: our patients.

We continue to find ways to eliminate time-consuming tasks and no longer waste valuable and expensive time looking for data. Patients are impressed with the quick responses to their questions because we have the data at our fingertips.

WyoVision Associates Uses Optometry Software

WyoVision Associates Wyoming Offices: Gillette (left) and Sheridan (right).

What impresses you most about optometry software?

  • is one system. We don’t have to jump between different programs to manage patient data.
  • The overview page is clean and concise. It lets us see important information quickly with fewer clicks.
  • Insurance billing is easy and streamlined. Faster and more accurate check-out of patients translates to more precise AR and faster insurance posting.

How does the Weave patient communication system integration help you engage with patients?

Attracting new patients and engaging existing patients is a game-changer in today’s competitive and changing eye care industry. We use Weave’s patient communication system that integrates with Here are the top three things we like best about this easy-to-use system.

  • Clear and concise patient reminders. Sending patients text messages or email reminders is easy. Weave accesses our appointment schedule within and notifies the patient based on their preferred communication method.
  • Timely eyewear order–ready notifications. Automating the notifications for items (glasses, contact lenses, etc.) ready to be picked up lets our staff focus on other essential tasks.
  • Automated recall notifications. Follow-up recall appointment reminders are critical to any business. Patients needing follow-up appointments or canceling without rescheduling will slip through the cracks. That’s where Weave’s automated recall saves so much time contacting our patients. It’s easy to set up, and once that’s done, minimal effort is needed to maintain the notifications since Weave gathers data from

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How was your data conversion, implementation, and training process when you transitioned to

The whole process of changing to was relatively painless. The ability to work in a test environment with our “real” office data without impacting the office’s work made it very easy to transition to the new system.

We were amazed at how straightforward the First Insight training and deployment teams set everything up for us.

Also, the built-in knowledge base (Learning Center) within gives us access to tips, short how-to documents, guides, videos, and online courses. When new staff come on board, these tools are invaluable. Request Information

How would you rate customer support?

WyoVision gives the MaximEyes customer support team FIVE STARS—everyone is responsive, friendly, and thorough. Even with all the requests customer support receives, we rarely feel that the team is slow to respond or unavailable.

What do you like best about the optical point-of-sale and inventory management features?

Who doesn’t want an effortless way to manage your Frame Gallery? Frames Data integrates with—we quickly find available frame options via a catalog search. Once we find what we need, we click an Export button, and the inventory file is sent directly to Frames Data.

How does the patient portal help you communicate with your patients?

  • Completing patient intake forms. You should start now if you aren’t collecting patient information before the patient arrives in your office. Patients get frustrated when they have to fill things out in the office. Often, they don’t have the data they need to answer questions.
  • Accessing medical records. Patients love the freedom to access their medical history online from one location whenever they want. After the visit, our doctors upload treatment summaries to the patient portal. This strengthens the patient–provider relationship.
  • Scheduling appointments online. Our patients love that they can schedule their next appointment online. Once the appointment is booked, the data is transferred to the scheduling module.
  • Educating patients with eye health tips. Engaging with patients with eye care documents helps them understand their eye conditions and why we prescribe certain treatments. Our doctors upload eye care documents that are specific to the patients.
  • Providing patients eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. Complying with the eyeglass and contact lens rules with a patient portal reduces paper and simplifies mandatory tracking. We upload the patient’s contact lens and spectacle lens prescriptions via their portal so they can digitally sign it to confirm they received the contact lens or spectacle lens prescription.

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Do you have pro tips for other practices still considering optometry EHR and practice management software?

  • Be prepared for the learning curve. It is a shift in how your practice will function. Our experience is that the first month or two will be difficult as the staff adjusts to using electronic systems to document visits.
  • Learn to love EHR technology. It is only scary because it may not be your “normal.” Even at a basic level, the EHR systems are very efficient when understood.
  • Limit what you learn in the beginning. You don’t have to understand all the inner workings of the system you choose or the platform on which it runs. Some of us love to know it and enjoy the “nitty gritty” details. However, you don’t need all those details to run the practice. If you want that level of understanding, prepare to lose focus on your patients.
  • Find the system that works with how you want to practice. There are loads of choices. Take your time and find the software that is most comfortable for you. Every company I have worked with has been more than willing to give a thorough demonstration of how their system works. First Insight will answer questions honestly if it will work with how you want your practice to flow.

Get started now and request more information on the many advantages your practice will experience with

About WyoVision Associates: WyoVision Associates is a four-doctor/two-location optometry practice in Gillette and Sheridan, Wyoming: Joseph Katschke, OD; Ben Fowler, OD; David Fisher, OD; and Jaren Olsen, OD. Photos provided by WyoVision Associates.