Patient Engagement Helps You Connect with Patients Patient Engagement Tools Patient Engagement Helps You Connect with Patients

How do you attract new patients and engage and retain existing patients for your practice in today’s competitive and changing market? The answer is simple: Use’s built-in patient engagement tools.’s all-in-one ophthalmology and optometry EHR and practice management software provides the resources to brand your practice and connect with patients right from within the software. No third-party integration is required.

Customize Patient Intake Forms to Fit Your Preferences

Is your staff spending too much time re-entering patient information from paper to computer at check-in? Then, it’s time to create a positive experience for your office and patients, moving from paper forms on clipboards to digital patient intake forms.

  • Customize your intake forms and notification templates to suit your practice needs and preferences.
  • Add or remove questions, use conditional logic, and integrate with your EHR data.
  • Send a text or email link to the patient intake form to electronically collect or update medical history, insurance details, and other patient information.
  • Track the delivery status and responses to your messages.

See our blog, 8 Ways Digital Patient Intake Forms Automate Check-in, for tips on modernizing and automating the check-in process before patients arrive at the office.

“The built-in patient intake and consent forms within create a positive, time-saving experience for staff and our patients.” –Dr. Brad Bodkin


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Improve Patient Satisfaction Using Text Reminders

It’s difficult to keep track of everything that needs to be done in your office. That’s why you should use text or email reminders for appointments, order-ready or product pick-ups, recalls, and payment-due notifications. These handy tools within reduce no-shows, increase patient satisfaction, and save time and money.

Text or email reminders are simple and affordable tools that significantly affect healthcare delivery and outcomes. By using text or email reminders, you are showing that you care about your patients and their well-being.

Increase Cash Flow with Online Scheduling

Recent research shows that more than 67% of patients prefer booking appointments online, and 40% prefer booking after business hours.

To keep patients returning, appointment scheduling must be friction-free. Otherwise, your practice is at risk of losing existing patients. Difficulty with patient scheduling means you’ll also have trouble attracting and retaining new patients.’s online scheduling allows your patients to schedule appointments at their convenience. Reduce your staff’s workload, avoid double-booking, and streamline check-in.

Paying close attention to patient scheduling will make or break your eye care business. Patients will return when you do everything you can to make them happy.

Market Your Practice Proactively with Reputation Management

Nowadays, people can easily find out what others think of your eye care business online. So you must keep an eye on your reputation and ensure your patients are happy. That’s what reputation management is all about.

Reputation management tools increase online visibility, attract customers, and build trust and loyalty. These tools use several strategies to help you analyze and establish your online presence. For instance:

  • Market your practice by customizing and sending automated online surveys after their visits and collect feedback on their experience.
  • Encourage them to refer their friends and family to your practice and leave positive reviews on popular platforms like Google and Facebook.
  • Improve retention by contacting patients with scheduled texts and emails.
  • Use robust and customizable reporting to understand patient satisfaction and reputation trends across all locations, providers, and staff.

Check out our blog, The Importance of Reputation Management: Don’t Get Left Behind, for several strategies to help eye care practices analyze and establish their online presence.

Create Virtual Appointments with Telehealth Preferences

If your patient can’t come in person, we got you covered with telehealth. Create virtual appointments with your patients when needed by quickly creating a telehealth call. Yes, it’s that simple and easy! Transform Your Practice with a Robust Eye Care EHR and Practice Management System is your ultimate EHR and practice management solution—it works hard to solve daily challenges. We aim to ensure you maximize your investment and grow your optometry and ophthalmology business to the next level so you can continue to reach more patients and impact your community.

Let us show you how will transform your practice. Request more information or an online demo today.

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