Optometry EHR Connects Three Offices with Ease

Kehoe Eye Care MaximEyes Optometry EHR Connects Three Offices with Ease

Since 2005, Kehoe Eye Care has relied on MaximEyes optometry software for its efficient and user-friendly EHR and practice management solutions.

Transitioning to the new cloud-based system was critical to keeping up with the demands of a growing six-doctor, 35-staff, 3-location practice that sees more than 120 patients daily.

“Moving to a powerful cloud-based system was a key upgrade factor, especially for staff working from home, doctors on call, and staffing at multiple locations. We need secure connectivity and reliable customer support at all times,” said Nicholas Podpeskar, OD and partner at Kehoe Eye Care.

Spend a few minutes with Dr. Podpeskar and see how solves pain points and provides solutions to running three efficient optometry offices.

What did your office do to prepare for upgrading to

Upgrading from the older version of MaximEyes to was a smooth transition, just like any other conversion we’ve had with the company in past years. Here’s how we prepared.

  • We required all staff to complete every training course set up for us in the virtual sandbox. The Learning Center made learning easy with detailed guides, videos, courses, and walkthroughs. The best part is that we can always refer to the Learning Center if we need a refresher on a specific module or function.
  • Several weeks before the actual conversion, staff took turns practicing on each other. We simulated real-life patient scenarios using staff members to schedule an appointment. We practiced check-in, performing an exam, moving to optical, and checking out. Practicing in advance allowed us several dry runs.
  • Once we went live, we scheduled one fewer patient per hour for all the expected/normal growing pains. Within a week or so, we felt comfortable returning to our regular, busier schedule.

How easy was it to learn

Learning is incredibly intuitive. It follows how a patient flows throughout the exam and optical process, so you don’t have to be technically savvy to use it.

The interactive Learning Center has an easy-to-follow progress bar that our staff found motivating and rewarding. Management can quickly see which staff members have been using the system.

How would you rate MaximEyes customer support—what stands out the most?

First Insight’s customer service is always top-of-the-line. What we value most is the company’s ability to consistently resolve issues with positive solutions. They take our feedback seriously, helping us customize our EHR and adding new features to improve their offering.

What features impress you most about

  • We can customize almost anything within to suit our needs. For example, we tailored our patient encounters to match our workflow and designed the schedule based on the doctor or weekday. It is important to have a seamless and consistent patient experience no matter which doctor the patient sees in our practice.
  • Operational and financial reports now take seconds; previously, in our older version, they could have taken a full day, depending on the report we needed. The reports we generate are highly specific, and we can tailor them to essentially anything we need.
  • Customizing coding and triggers for diagnosis and procedure codes saves several minutes per exam/visit, which adds up dramatically by the end of the day. These functions improve the efficiency of our scribes and allow our doctors to have more direct “face” time with patients.
  • We assign line item amounts to specific insurance plans or patients in the Superbill. Staff can audit the claims for errors, rejections, or denials with a Scrub button that scans for any errors before we submit the claim. This process makes creating and submitting individual or batch claims to our clearinghouse fast and efficient.


Kehoe Eye Care Exam

Kehoe Eye Care Exam Room

How critical is two-way e-prescribing to the doctors?

At this point, I can’t imagine practicing without e-prescribing.

E-prescribing allows us to sync patients’ laundry lists of medications instantly. It also shows previous medications if a patient can’t recall a prescription name, dosage, etc.

Integrated e-prescribing within saves staff and doctors time by allowing them to send in a new prescription in less than 10 seconds without sitting on hold with a pharmacy. The e-prescribing modules even show the likely cost for patients based on their insurance and whether they have met their deductible.

How does the task manager tool improve communication?

With Task Manager, communication within our team has improved significantly by seamlessly sending tasks to any team member or group.

This is particularly important for the insurance billing team, as a task directs them to a specific Superbill, enabling them to know what needs to be adjusted or worked on. Pro Tip: Tasks within have comment threads so users can post comments about the task as it’s handed off between users. Use Task Manager to replace sticky notes for yourself.

What third-party integrations do you use and why? integrates very nicely with many third-party services. For instance, intuitive integrations, such as Weave and CLX System, ensure that everything we need works together in one place. For instance …

Weave’s Patient Communication System

  • Weave exports patient data from, including upcoming appointments, overdue balances, tasks, and special notes.
  • We send our patients customized appointment reminders and recall text notifications with a simple click from
  • Patients love getting text notifications when their eyeglasses are ready for pickup.
  • Patients can also book online appointments.

CLX System Contact Lens Ordering

  • Once we enter the contact lens prescription and order details in, we submit the order to our contact lens distributors with one click.
  • Search for popular brands and series based on the Rx configuration that we enter into
  • CLX practice performance reports provide key data showing how each doctor, team member, and location performs for contact lens orders and reorders.

Do you have advice for other practices considering an optometry EHR and practice management system?

No optometry EHR is perfect, but comes close. The software rivals primary care medical management systems while having all the tools for the optical side.

When searching for optometry software, I recommend you ask for references from people using the EHR you are looking at. Doctors will be upfront about what they like or don’t like.

Get started now. Schedule a quick introductory phone call or request more information on the many advantages your practice will experience with optometry practice management and EHR software.

About Nicholas Podpeskar, OD: Dr. Podpeskar joined Kehoe Eye Care in 2019 and is a partner optometrist. He is a member of the American Optometric Association, Illinois Optometric Association, and the West Central Optometric Society. He specializes in ocular disease, specialty contact lenses, dry eye, and emergency eye care. Photos provided by Kehoe Eye Care.