Simplify Contact Lens Ordering with CLX and

CLX System and

Simplify Contact Lens Ordering with CLX and

Contact lens online ordering, patient reorders, and centralizing patient data are now easier than ever with the cloud-based CLX System® and, First Insight’s new unified EHR and practice management software for eye care practices.

Connect your practice directly to contact lens distributors with a single order entry. Improve the patient experience with convenient e-commerce options, personalized reordering links, text and email reminders, and real-time performance reports.

Let’s look at how the simple-to-use CLX System empowers eye care professionals to generate a positive return on their investment easily.

CLX System and Partnership Strengthens the Patient Experience

“The CLX contact lens ordering integration strengthens our long-term relationship with CLX,” said Nitin Rai, President and CEO of First Insight Corporation. “Our partnership reflects our commitment to improving the patient and doctor experience through advanced technology and adding quality, affordable services for our customers.”

“With this integration, users can access in-depth insights into their contact lens business, proactively offer convenient, easy-access order and reorder e-commerce options,” said Jim Edwards, CLX Technology and Digital Officer. “Eye care practices can effectively grow their contact lens business while reducing administrative time.”


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4 Way to Grow Your Contact Lens Business with CLX and

1. Reduce data errors and speed up contact lens ordering with a single data entry.

Enter contact lens prescription (Rx) and order information once into CLX then submits the order directly to your contact lens distributor, eliminating re-entering the order on the contact lens distributor’s web portal or calling in orders.

As contact lens prescription manufacturers discontinue or update products with new parameters or new brands, your office can set these to update the inventory in the system automatically. This means you always have valid Rx configurations for each brand available to order.


“The biggest advantage of the CLX System and integration is once the contact lens prescription and order information are entered into, it’s one click away from submitting the order to contact lens distributors.” – Brad Bodkin, OD, MS, FAAO (The Vision Center at Seaside Farms)


2. Create dynamic contact lens Rx value lists. and CLX continually keep the contact lens Rx configuration options updated. The eye care provider and staff will only see available options they can choose for Sphere, Cylinder (CYL), Base Curve, Diameter, and Add.

For example, if the doctor picks a Sphere value of -4.50, will filter all other values lists of this contact lens to only show what CYL, Axis, Add, Base Curve, and Diameter are available. If you pick the CYL, it will further filter only to show the Axis, Add, and Diameter. also has an option for providers to search for available brands and series based on the Rx configuration you enter into Let’s say you have a tricky fit for an unusual Rx. You can search and see which brands have that Rx available.

Coming Soon: An option to automatically submit flagged orders at a scheduled time set by the office daily.

3. Improve practice performance with accurate reporting and key metrics.

“Eye care providers (ECPs) that can accurately track and focus on their annual supply rates have greater success in increasing sales,” reports Jim Edwards.

All contact lens orders flow from to CLX for fulfillment by your primary distributor. CLX captures that data and provides you with a robust reporting dashboard with in-depth and actionable views of your true annual contact lens supply percentage and modality mix. Information is broken down by the doctor, team member, and location.

CLX System Admin Dashboard

CLX System Admin Dashboard (image provided by CLX)

CLX System Annual Supply

CLX System Annual Supply Report (image provided by CLX)

4. Increase revenue and improve patient recalls with advanced marketing add-on options.

The average ECP captures only 10% of contact lens reorders. “Whether patients are ordering from online retailers or stretching their lenses, savvy ECPs can recapture significant revenue with one simple change: contacting their patients before they are due to reorder,” says Jim Edwards.

With the CLX and integration, you can proactively target your “exam only” patients who walked out with a contact lens prescription and patients who ordered a partial year’s supply when they are due to run out of contact lenses.

CLX automatically sends patients emails and text messages on your behalf. The messages are branded with your practice information and they prompt the patient to reorder contact lenses, letting you capture contact lens e-commerce revenue 24/7.

With CLX, you can also offer to enroll your patients in a white-label contact lens subscription so that their contact lenses auto-ship when they are due to run out of contact lenses, and you continue to capture their contact lens revenue.

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About CLX: The CLX System is a contact lens marketing and management platform designed specifically to generate incremental e-commerce revenue for users and while improving office efficiency and contact lens administration accuracy. CLX users have access to the CLX Capture Strategy™, a suite of features designed to both increase annual supply sales and capture more post-exam revenue for practices while reducing overhead. The CLX System has remained the industry’s most comprehensive contact lens management portal since its development in 2005.

NOTE: The System integration listed above is only for users and is not available for MaximEyes PMS (version 11) users.

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