Increase Patient Engagement with and Weave

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Increase Patient Engagement with and Weave

Do you want to attract more customers, keep patients engaged, and increase patient retention so they keep coming back to you for all their eye care needs? Do all this and more with the Weave patient communication system that integrates with the new unified EHR and practice management eye care software.

“We are excited about our new integration with,” said Ashish Chaudhary, Weave’s Chief Technology Officer. “Consumers want to interact with businesses in ways that are modern, simple, and convenient. Integrating patient data from with the Weave platform will enable our mutual customers to better engage with their patients and help them save time. We look forward to a great partnership together.”

How Patient Communication Software Attracts, Engages, and Retains More Patients

Being known as the best eye care professional in town comes with a price, and many spend hundreds of dollars on marketing and campaigns, forgetting the power that customer reviews have.

The more satisfied customers you have, the more business you can potentially receive from them. Your patients will never forget their relationship with you and how good their experience was.

According to Weave’s 2021 Healthcare Business Insights Report, patients prefer the new tools practices started relying on during the COVID pandemic: online scheduling, text reminders, curbside capability, electronic forms, and contactless payments.

Weave also reports that their customers can save an average of $200 monthly from eliminating paper invoices, envelopes, and stamps.

6 Ways and Weave Keeps Patients Engaged

1. Collect patient demographics quickly.

Be prepared for every patient call with important demographics as information is quickly displayed in the caller ID. When a patient calls your office, WeavePOP will extract the patient name, an upcoming appointment, overdue balances, tasks, and special notes or follow-ups from

2. Send automated recall notifications to patients.

Customers without follow-up appointments or who cancel without rescheduling can easily fly under the radar, which can ultimately lead to lost customers and revenue. Weave’s Automated Recall feature helps you save time reaching these customers by sending them a text asking them to reschedule.

These customers can easily call to schedule in or reply to start a conversation with you at any time. Weave reports that, on average, 21% of patients contacted with Automated Recall end up scheduling an appointment. That’s an average of 14 additional customers a month.

3. Customize appointment notifications.

Give your patients the best experience they could imagine with Weave’s customized appointment notifications. A simple reminder via text message or email can ensure your patients feel engaged before their appointment.

Weave will access your appointment schedule from within to know precisely when to notify your patients based on their preferences. This automated feature will allow you and your staff to complete other essential tasks on your list.

4. Book more patients with appointment confirmation writebacks.

Patients can book online appointments using scheduler templates and appointment writebacks. When scheduling patients, they will get notified and have the ability to confirm or reschedule their appointment. Weave will automatically detect your patient’s response and inform you when an action is needed.

5. Send eyewear order-ready notifications.

With a million things going on in your life, Weave is here to help by quickly sending out notifications to your patients the moment their eyewear order is ready.

There is no doubt that your patients will be anxiously waiting for that notification to pick up their new eyewear. “Almost 9 out of 10 customers want to engage via text,” says Weave. As soon as the order is marked received in, you can sit back and let Weave do the rest of the work for you.

Weave eyewear order-ready notifications

Weave eyewear order-ready notifications (photo provided by Weave)

6. Offer quick payments and balance due notifications.

Weave’s 2021 healthcare survey reports, “59% of healthcare patients would like to make payments using contactless methods such as mobile wallets or text payments.”

With Weave, patients will be able to make payments from anywhere using their mobile card, manual card, or Weave’s Text To Pay feature. You can personalize your invoice by adding your company’s branding and sending a thank you text to your patient for their payment. Send your patients a friendly text to remind them that their balance is due along with the payment options.

Promote Your Business with Weave’s Review Management Tool

Finding the right marketing strategies to promote your eye care practice can be overwhelming and stressful when you don’t know where to start.

According to a case study by Weave, their customers have reached on average more than 200 Google™ reviews since signing up. Weave will target your current patients to attract potential customers that have been searching for the right optometrist.

In a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, 75 percent stated that people always or about half the time check online reviews before making a purchase. The majority of people want to know about the experiences others have had at your optometry before scheduling an appointment.

Weave’s simple and effective review management tool targets your patients to leave reviews on your Google™ and Facebook pages based on their experience at your practice. Weave will collect and monitor the reviews as soon as your patient completes their appointment, letting you react quickly if you receive a negative review.

The more reviews you receive, the stronger your online presence will be, so the next time a customer is looking for an optometrist, Weave will make sure your practice stands out from the rest.

Weave Analytics Track Trends to Maximize Profitability

Weave Analytics will provide you with the data you need to start improving your practice while at the same time growing your business.

Stay informed of what’s going on with your past patients, canceled appointments, and potential patients all in one place. Keep track of your call volumes, manage your payment history and monitor your patient activity from your dashboard.

You can also take immediate action and get in touch with your patients by sending a text or giving them a call when needed.

Weave VoIP Phone System Connects Patient Communication Outreach

Instead of relying on traditional phones (landlines), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones use the internet to connect your different communication outreaches. With Weave, “calls, texts, emails, and faxes can then be unified across locations, further increasing collaboration, organization, and efficiency.”

When a customer calls your office, WeavePOP shows you who’s calling, who needs an appointment, and who has a balance on their account. This data is based on the caller ID with details from within

Weave connects all interactions so you can complete more tasks, find opportunities, and meet your customers’ needs. When a call goes to voicemail, a text is immediately sent from your practice asking how you can help.

Weave Phone Reports Analytics

Weave phone reports (photo provided by Weave)

Revitalize and Automate the Patient Engagement Experience

When properly optimized, eye care practice management and EHR systems drive strategic decisions and quality improvements, enhance patient care, and deliver long-term value-added benefits to your practice. It’s important to continually explore, evolve, and embrace new patient engagement technologies that improve and streamline office efficiency.

Request a demo of today. Learn how gives you quick access to patient data and helps you enhance the patient-doctor relationship, improve your office workflow, and increase revenue.


NOTE: The integration listed above is only for users and is not valid for MaximEyes PMS (version 11) users.

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