Optical Lab & Contact Lens Ordering Solutions Deliver Positive Results

Optical Lab Ordering Solutions

Optical Lab & Contact Lens Ordering Solutions Deliver Positive Results

One of the best parts about being an optician is helping patients see and look their best, right? If you are back in the lab or at your desk calling, faxing, or re-entering the patient’s optical order into another software to submit it to your optical lab or contact lens vendor, you’re missing out on opportunities to spend time with your patient.

According to a Help Scout report, 89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. Patients will never forget their interactions with staff at your practice during their visit.

Focus your time and energy on tools that provide time-saving features to help achieve your vision and goals. Below we’ll discuss how to improve staff productivity and increase your optical capture rate with five optical lab and contact lens ordering solutions.

1. Create and track spectacle orders from one location with ParadEyes.com.

ParadEyes.com by First Insight is one of the largest optical lab networks in the eye care industry. This easy-to-use online ordering system offers opticians access to more than 270 labs to order, manage, and track spectacle orders from one location.

  • Eliminate redundant processes and incorrect orders and improve office workflow with an all-in-one system that does everything within MaximEyes.com.
  • Quickly fill in all the necessary fields with a few clicks—lab information is pre-loaded and updated.
  • Patient information automatically saves in MaximEyes.com—add, delete, or modify patient requests anytime. When your patient completes their order, quickly continue from where you left off. For instance, if your patient’s spectacle orders are similar to a previous order, duplicate that last order to get a head start on the new price quote. Or, if your patient is on the fence about ordering, print them a quote.
  • ParadEyes.com will notify you if it detects an error before submitting the order to the optical lab. A system that detects errors and notifies you is essential to avoid delays in order processing.
  • Keep your patients happier with fewer (costly) remakes and redos.

Watch the video below to learn more about how MaximEyes.com and ParadEyes.com help you create a smooth optical check-out for your patients.

2. Eliminate double data entries in your eye care software.

When opticians have to enter prescriptions into lab websites and take care of customers in real-time, they easily become overwhelmed and may accidentally enter data incorrectly. With MaximEyes.com, your accurate prescription will be sent directly from the exam to the optical module.

3. Avoid incorrect contact lens ordering and improve patient recall with the CLX System integration.

MaximEyes.com integrates with the CLX System by connecting your practice to contact lens (CL) distributors with a single order entry.

  • Avoid submitting incorrect orders by eliminating re-entering the order on the contact lens distributors’ web portal or calling in orders.
  • Create dynamic contact lens Rx value lists. For example, search for available brands and series based on the Rx configuration you enter into MaximEyes.com. Filter options for Sphere, Cylinder (CYL), Base Curve, Diameter, and Add so you only show what is available. These up-to-date lens options make it easy to place valid orders to ensure your patient has the best shopping experience possible.
  • Improve the patient experience and recalls with convenient e-commerce options, personalized reordering links, and text and email reminders to increase contact lens reorder revenue.

PRO TIP: The Contact Lens Institute (CLI) April 2022 survey reports, “eye care providers missed vital opportunities to discuss contact lens options with as many as two out of every three patients.” Check out the American Optometric Association article “Missed opportunities? Contact lens experts weigh in on gaps in consumer knowledge” for more information.

Watch the video below to see how MaximEyes.com and CLX System make it easy to order contact lenses electronically and boost contact lens revenue with a click of a button.

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4. Gather data with powerful optical reports from your practice management software.

Numbers and data are critical for your practice to grow and remain profitable. MaximEyes.com generates optical reports that provide up-to-date information on charges, payments, adjustments, and remakes. Filter reports by location, optician, and date, making it easier to review reports at any time.

In addition, the CLX System reporting dashboard provides key metrics with views of your true annual contact lens supply percentage and modality mix. Information is broken down by the doctor, team member, and location.

MaximEyes.com Optical ReportsSelect optical reports from within MaximEyes.com based on specific criteria.

5. Improve your workplace culture by balancing work schedules.

Depending on the day, your opticians may get overwhelmed with the many tasks that come up. With ParadEyes.com’s built-in ordering feature, your opticians will spend less time going back and forth placing orders on different websites and more time finishing other projects.

Finding tools and resources to help balance your optician’s work schedule will elevate your workplace culture and get everyone excited about going to work every day.

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Create an Efficient Team with Practice Management Solutions

These five optical lab and contact lens ordering solutions are just a glimpse of the many benefits of using MaximEyes.com’s all-in-one eye care practice management, EHR, and optical point-of-sale software. Your staff will have more time to connect and engage with every patient—having an opportunity to build a positive, long-lasting relationship.

Request a demo or more information today to see how MaximEyes.com and powerful optical lab and contact lens ordering solutions help optometry offices become more efficient and productive.

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