Dumas Vision Source Customer-Centric Model Puts Patients First

Dumas Vision Source Customer-Centric Model Puts Patients First

Tory Moore, OD, founder of Dumas Vision Source in Dumas, Texas, is passionate about eye care and spending quality time with each patient. He is well-known in his community for making people comfortable during their visits and delivering top-notch patient care in a relaxed setting.

To deliver a “customer-first” business model, Dr. Moore and his staff need a reliable, customer-centric optometry EHR and practice management system. He’s always been impressed with First Insight’s focus on delivering the best products and support possible and being proactive by evolving and improving.

Dr. Moore explains how MaximEyes.com helps Dumas Vision Source focus on patients and improve office efficiencies and why he’s been a customer since 2005.

How was your data conversion, implementation, and training process when you transitioned to MaximEyes.com?

The conversion and implementation process was well-organized, and it was easy for me to learn MaximEyes.com. I went through the interactive training courses within the built-in Learning Center and performed many fake patient scenarios. I like that the Learning Center tracks each staff member’s online training.

We also took the day off after conversion to practice and problem-solve. We went live the following day with two patients an hour instead of three for the rest of the week, and then we were back to a full schedule the following week.

In hindsight, it would have helped if we had opted for an on-site trainer for a day or two, at least for the staff needing to improve their computer knowledge. However, now that we have MaximEyes.com set up how it works for our office, it’s “amazingly” fast to go through exams and document encounters.

What features impress you most about MaximEyes.com?

  • The detailed, comprehensive, and customizable encounter forms.
  • I can access MaximEyes.com from home and at any time of day.
  • Code Complete makes life easy. For instance, you enter 2+ nuclear sclerosis, and the system automatically has a nuclear sclerotic cataract in the diagnosis to select. Or if diabetes is listed in history, a PCP diabetic exam letter is automatically queued to print.
  • Ability to customize data fields on the fly. I double-click on the field to add something new. Say I want anterior blepharitis to select from, and it just has blepharitis. I can add it in five seconds, so it’s there next time.
  • It is easy to see past exams and data quickly. For instance, I see a graph of IOP over time with one click.
  • With the Marco® TRS Automated Refraction System and Marco® OPD Wavefront Aberrometer integrations, I can import AR or Wavefront, Ks, habitual Rx, and the final subjective Rx into the encounter with the touch of a button. There is no typing, transcription, or copying errors.

How critical is secure access to patient data?

If you don’t use the best security to protect patient data, it can financially ruin you. The fines for HIPAA breaches are enormous–don’t take that too lightly. MaximEyes.com stays up to date with data protection, backup, and disaster recovery by partnering with Microsoft® Azure multi-layered cloud security services to help protect patient data and your practice.

What do you like best about customizing your optometry EHR workflows?

Tailoring my MaximEyes.com EHR workflow to my work style helps me quickly complete a patient exam. I’ve reduced unnecessary screen clutter.

For example, I love that I can copy the Final Diagnosis, Assessment, and Plan from the prior exam with one click, especially when it is a basic refractive nature exam, and everything is still the same. This is a huge time saver. If it’s more medical, just a few extra clicks on different plans pop up for a specific diagnosis, and it’s how I need it.

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How do automated coding and code triggers based on exam findings save you time?

If you are particular about how you want your plans worded, setting up Code Complete can take some time initially, but it’s worth it. I prefer more detailed plans, so adding that detail every time would be time-consuming.

However, once I input my custom plans for each diagnosis, it’s just a matter of clicking which one automatically pops up. How different are your presbyopia, cataracts, dry eye, and AMD plans? Multiple choices will usually cover what you need—it’s click-and-go with MaximEyes.com.

Why do you use e-prescribing in your optometry EHR?

I love the e-prescribing and medication adherence tools within MaximEyes.com. I haven’t used a paper Rx pad for years.

When I prescribe medications, the MaximEyes two-way e-prescribing accesses the patient’s medical history and alerts me if the patient has a medication allergy. I look up prior medications, and staff can download the patient’s medication list.

E-prescribing also shows me what medications are covered for the patient or if I need prior authorization. If so, I can submit a prior authorization right then and there.

Why is the CLX System and Vision Source’s FOCUS on CONTACT Lens Program so important?

As a Vision Source practice, it is a no-brainer to use the CLX System and Vision Source’s FOCUS on CONTACT Lens Program with the big rebates you get back.

Entering and sending orders is easy and seamless with the CLX System/MaximEyes.com integration. We enter contact lens prescription and order information once into MaximEyes.com, and then CLX submits the order directly to our contact lens distributor.

In addition, patients can reorder contact lenses from the comfort of their homes. The contact lens order is mailed directly to the patients, and we collect payment without them coming into the office. How win/win is that? Passive income. Work smarter, not harder.

How do digital patient intake and consent forms speed up the check-in process?

I am not a fan of doctor forms, especially when you have to fill them out by hand. Who wants to review ten pages of bad photocopied forms each time you go in somewhere? It’s the worst patient experience ever.

Our office uses MaximEyes.com’s patient intake forms. We customized them to only two pages and made them available in English and Spanish.

Patients can add their data from home, so when the front desk staff prints out a form, it’s already prepopulated with patient information. This way, the patient doesn’t have to write much else except sign it to confirm that it’s correct. Patient intake forms are also quicker to get patients back to pre-testing.

What third-party patient engagement and optical ordering integrations are you using and why?

Patient Engagement: We use the 4PatientCare integration because it’s free to Vision Source members. Patients can easily book an appointment online, and it syncs with MaximEyes.com’s schedule module, eliminating double bookings.

VSP and VisionWeb: These two integrations make it easy for our opticians to submit optical lab orders with fewer double data entries. This process results in fewer mistakes and more accurate accounts receivable. Instantly calculate, quote, and collect patient co-pays and insurance adjustments at the time of service—all without accessing the VSP or VisionWeb websites.

In addition, MaximEyes.com generates optical reports that provide up-to-date information on charges, payments, adjustments, and remakes. We also filter reports by location, optician, and date, making it easier to review reports at any time.

How would you rate First Insight customer support–what stands out the most?

First Insight’s customer support is a 9.5 out of 10. Most of the time, I can get someone on instant chat support right away. If not, I email or call customer support, and someone gets back to me quickly that day.

No cloud system is perfect. However, when our system went down, support immediately responded. The support team is “extraordinarily” polite and always willing to help or connect us with another team member to answer your questions.

In addition, First Insight is always open to suggestions for improving the system.

Do you have pro tips for other eye care professionals considering an optometry EHR and practice management system?

Look for the features that are most important to you. I need customizability, integration with Marco equipment to import data, easy optical and contact lens ordering (especially with VSP), ease of documenting exams, and continued commitment to improvement.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having instant customer support. I have had two prior systems over the years before MaximEyes, and neither came close to instant support. When your system goes down, and it will at some point for whatever reason, you want someone to help get you back in action ASAP. Having someone immediately to help and keep your practice running is the most paramount benefit to me.

Get started now. Schedule a quick introductory phone call or request more information on the many advantages your practice will experience with MaximEyes.com.

About Tory Moore, OD: Dr. Moore founded Dumas Vision Source in 1990. He is board-certified by the American Board of Optometry. He is a member of the American Optometric Association and the Texas Optometric Association. Dr. Moore is a member of the Panhandle Optometric Society and past president. Photos provided by Dumas Vision Source.