How Eye Care EHR Data Mining Drives Revenue

Eye Care EHR Data Mining

How Eye Care EHR Data Mining Drives Revenue

Is your eye care practice providing excellent patient care and bringing in positive cash flow? Many businesses struggle to accomplish these goals side by side. It’s always one or the other until they learn how to use eye care EHR data mining to drive revenue effectively.

If you want to grow your eye care business to the next level, then data mining is a term worth knowing. With the right strategy, data mining helps attract new patients and ensures you retain existing patients.

Below we share a few ways to dig deeper with data mining and advanced search tools so you can make smarter marketing decisions that will impact your eye care business.

Why EHR Data Mining is Important for Your Practice

Data is everywhere! This wealth of knowledge is becoming increasingly crucial for all modern businesses, including optometry and ophthalmology practices. Because data is everywhere, that also means it can be challenging to manage—especially if you and your staff still rely on paper charts and records.

TechTarget defines data mining as the process of classifying large amounts of data to identify patterns and relationships that can be useful to fulfill the needs of a business.

You need to be able to access patient data in one centralized place, such as from your EHR software. Then, you must analyze the data to make practice management improvements.

Once you have these insights, you’re ready to create relevant marketing and business analytic campaigns to engage and educate your patients.


Simple Ways to Leverage EHR Data Analytics

Every eye care EHR system offers different features. One non-negotiable ability for you and your staff is to use search or query tools that fully support your EHR data analysis efforts. You might have this ability already, then the question we have for you is this: Are you using this search feature in a way that truly benefits your practice?

Rest assured, if you’re not using EHR data mining capabilities in your EHR software system, know that it’s a commonly underused feature. To jumpstart your business strategy, it’s a good idea to know what those capabilities might look like within an EHR system.

Your optometry software should allow you to build your queries on any data points across the entire system to find patients that meet your search criteria. Built-in data mining tools within your EHR, like’s all-in-one EHR and practice management system, will enable you to quickly find all encounters or unique patients.

Use Detailed Data Mining to Educate Patients

In, run common searches with favorites and pinning. Gathering this detailed data from specific modules in one place allows you to educate patient populations on their specific diagnoses and new treatment options.

For instance, if you are introducing a new extended-wear contact lens, keep your marketing personalized with a select group rather than contacting all of your patients about this particular contact lens. This marketing strategy educates patients and encourages them to visit the office, which translates to increased revenue.

Mine your EHR data to educate patient populations on their specific diagnoses. For instance, search your encounters, find all your patients with dry eyes, and send them up-to-date treatment options your practice offers.

Find Annual Eye Care Appointments for Recall Campaigns

Let’s say you want to find patients who have not been in for a visit within the past year and do not have any scheduled annual exams on the books. With advanced find tools, you can quickly locate annual appointments that fit your search criteria and even save them for future marketing campaigns.

Are you thinking of having an upcoming sale or frame show? Use an advanced search for a data-driven marketing plan to promote to patients who have purchased specific spectacle frame brands from your office.

Gather Business Analytics

Mining EHR data is extremely useful for research studies and gathering, measuring, and analyzing business intelligence data.

Your eye care EHR should allow you to find information in nearly any field in the encounter, such as: looking up patients using a certain medication, viewing a list of patients that were referred to a provider, and if the practice received a transition of care back.

Results are based on data that has been entered or imported into your EHR system. Therefore, it is essential to enter as much patient information as possible. The more information you have, the better results you will attain.

See Positive Results with EHR Data Mining and Advanced Search Tools

All of the above is EHR data mining in action. The goal is to get patients to come into your office—right? Start using EHR data mining to help you make data-driven decisions that drive revenue and grow your eye care practice.

Reaching the next level is never easy, but with the right optometry EHR and practice management tools and technology at your fingertips, you will see the positive results you aim to achieve.

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