5 Strategies to Simplify Contact Lens Ordering and Increase Sales

MaximEyes.com and Contact Lens Ordering

5 Strategies to Simplify Contact Lens Ordering and Increase Sales

The demand for contact lenses is expected to grow. To boost sales and patient satisfaction, your practice needs to offer a smooth and convenient contact lens ordering process.

In 2022, the United States was the global contact lens market leader, generating nearly 5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

Here are five tips to make the contact lens ordering process more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable for your patients.

1. Use an Online Contact Lens Ordering System

With the CLX System® and MaximEyes.com integration, ordering contact lenses from the cloud in a snap—no more hassle with multiple entries or distributors. Your patients will love easy online shopping, custom links, and timely notifications. Plus, track your orders and inventory with real-time reports.

Key Benefit Takeaways

  • Reduce data errors.
  • Single data entry speeds up the ordering process.
  • Create dynamic contact lens Rx value lists.
  • View accurate reports and key metrics.
  • Add-on marketing options let you brand your messages and proactively target specific patients.

Read our blog, Simplify Contact Lens Ordering with CLX and MaximEyes.com, to learn how to grow your contact lens business.

2. Automate Patient Reminders for Online Contact Lens Orders

Implement an automated reminder system for contact lens reorders to maximize sales and improve patient adherence. Sending regular reminders via email or text prompts patients to place their orders on time and reduces the risk of running out of lenses.

This proactive approach simplifies the process for patients and helps them stay on track with their eye care regimen. Automating reminders fosters a sense of trust and reliability while minimizing the chances of patients seeking alternative purchasing channels.

3. Incentivize Patients That Order Contact Lenses Online

Offering incentives to patients who order contact lenses online will significantly boost sales.

  • Start a loyalty program that rewards patients for their online purchases.
  • Include discounts on future orders.
  • Offer exclusive promotions and free shipping.

Promoting subscription-based plans is another great way to simplify purchasing contact lenses and incentivize patients.

  • Offer customizable subscription plans that allow patients to select their desired lens type, quantity, and delivery frequency.
  • Automate the ordering process so customers enjoy the convenience of receiving their contact lenses regularly without the need for constant reordering.

When you create a sense of value and appreciation, patients are more likely to choose your practice for their contact lens needs, ultimately increasing customer retention and sales volume.

Watch CLX System and MaximEyes.com Integration Video Above

4. Offer Various Contact Lens Options

Providing patients with a wide selection of contact lens options is crucial for meeting their diverse needs. Offer a range of lens brands, types, and modalities to cater to different prescriptions, preferences, and budgets.

For instance, some patients may prefer daily disposable lenses for convenience and hygiene, while others may opt for monthly or yearly lenses for cost-effectiveness and durability.

Some patients may need specialty lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia, or dry eyes, while others may want to enhance or change their eye color with cosmetic lenses.

A diverse selection will demonstrate your commitment to personalized care and ensure patients are able to find the lenses that best suit their lifestyles at your practice. Collaborate with contact lens manufacturers to stay up-to-date with the latest offerings and provide your patients with advanced options.

5. Educate Patients About Contacts Lens Care and Safety

Educating patients about proper contact lens care and safety is vital for maintaining their ocular health and ensuring a positive experience.

During or after the exam, give patients comprehensive information on lens hygiene, cleaning solutions, lens replacement schedules, and potential risks associated with improper use. Regularly communicate these guidelines through your website, social media, or newsletters.

This ensures that patients are well-informed and positions your practice as a trusted authority in eye care. Download tips on hygiene, care, and safety from the American Optometric Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How Two Practices Found Success Using the MaximEyes.com and CLX Integration

“The biggest advantage of the CLX System and MaximEyes.com integration is once the contact lens prescription and order information are entered into MaximEyes.com, it’s one click away from submitting the order to contact lens distributors,” said Brad Bodkin, OD. Read Dr. Bodkin’s success story.

“At the end of the day, my staff or I enter all the orders, and with the click of a button, all orders are sent to CLX. MaximEyes.com verifies there are no double entries or transcription errors and that all patient information is securely delivered to CLX,” said Rebecca Verna, OD. Read Dr. Verna’s success story.

How Will MaximEyes.com Help You Comply with the Contact Lens Rule?

In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced the final rule amending the Contact Lens Rule. MaximEyes.com supports several optometry and ophthalmology EHR and practice management workflow options to help you comply digitally or via printed and scanned signatures. Read our blog, FTC Publishes Final 2020 Contact Lens Rule for Eye Care Providers, to learn more.

Strengthen Patient Loyalty with the Right Business Tools

Embracing the mentioned strategies will strengthen patient loyalty and position your practice as a leader in modern eyecare. Request more information today to see how MaximEyes.com and CLX helps you stay ahead in the contact lens industry.

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