First Insight Receives Award for MaximEyes Power Trainings

MaximEyes 2018 Training Award

First Insight Receives Award for MaximEyes Power Trainings

For the seventh consecutive year, First Insight, developers of MaximEyes certified EHR and practice management software for eye care professionals, received the 2018 Learning! 100 award from the Elearning! Media Group for achieving excellence for “best-in-class” learning and development programs. This year First Insight was honored in the “performance” category for the MaximEyes Power Trainings we host in select cities throughout the United States.   

“Learning! 100 recognizes the top 100 global learning organizations for high performance, innovation, and culture,” says Catherine Upton, awards chairperson and group publisher of the Elearning! Media Group. “Learning! 100 applicants are evaluated across three sets of criteria: Darden School’s Learning Culture Index, Collaborative Strategies’ Innovation and Collaboration Ratings, and overall organizational performance.”

Learning 100! Award

“When deciding what qualities constitute a truly exceptional learning organization, we define four categories of excellence,” says Jerry Roche, Elearning! magazine’s executive editor. “Those categories are innovation, culture, performance, and collaboration.”

MaximEyes Power Trainings provide a visual and auditory form of learning to supplement comprehensive training guides, customized phone training, interactive videos, and live/recorded webinars. Trainings tackle real challenges and solutions that simplify optometry and ophthalmology workflows and strengthen practice management processes, so staff and doctors can focus more on their patients and business.

Training attendees master powerful time-saving tips and shortcuts for analytics, MIPS reporting requirements, and data mining that help eye care professionals gain control of lost hours, optimize EHR processes, boost business efficiency, and drive revenue. Doctors and staff discover what other practices are doing and how they can apply successes to their own situations. 

“I have attended two MaximEyes Power Trainings and have always felt it was a valuable training opportunity. Lots of information presented in a clear and concise format.” – Dennis Vannatta, OD

“The small group format makes it easy to ask questions and talk with doctors/staff about their experiences.” – Mindy

“The Q&A and live examples of how to use MaximEyes more efficient was a huge hit.” – Bill Tullo, OD

Training Tailored to Your Practice

Delivering the best support and training is our top priority. Whether you need to master the basics or you’re looking for tips and shortcuts to power up your practice, our certified customer success consultants help you get the most from MaximEyes EHR—from the minute your patients walk into your office to when you and your staff leave for the day.

When an EHR system is successfully implemented and further optimized to think and work like you do, EHRs drive strategic decisions and quality improvements, enhance patient care, and deliver long-term value-added benefits to your eye care practice.

Ready to make your practice more efficient? Schedule a demo of MaximEyes EHR software and take a positive step forward.

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