Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group Optometry EHR and Practice Management Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group

First Insight Corporation, developers of (Version 1.1) certified ophthalmology and optometry EHR software, has achieved the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC Health IT) 2015 Edition Certification via Drummond Group LLC, an Authorized Certification Body (ACB). is also ONC Cures Update certified for (b)(1-2), (c)(3), (d)(2-3), (f)(5), (g)(6) and (g)(9). The ONC 21st Century Cures Act “supports seamless and secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information (EHI).”

“We’re honored that, our new unified EHR and practice management system for eye care professionals, was the first-ever live tested Health IT Module for the 21st Century Cures Update Edition,” said Nitin Rai, President and CEO of First Insight Corporation.

The ONC Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB (Drummond Group) per the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. received the certification on October 14, 2020.

For more information about First Insight’s 2015 Edition certification for, and to view all certified versions, visit the ONC Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL).

ONC HIT Certification

Who is the Drummond Group?

The Drummond Group is an Authorized Certification Body (ACB) empowered to test software for compliance with the federal government’s program requirements. The stamp of approval designates offers the functionality that enables eligible ophthalmologists and optometrists to meet the requirements of various regulatory programs that require the use of certified EHR technology.

With more than 17 years of testing experience across various industries, Drummond Group brings a high level of technical expertise to this process. Its healthcare experience also runs deep, having certified hundreds of EHRs since becoming an ACB in 2010.

What Modules and Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Did Receive ONC Health IT Certification? is certified for Quality and Automated Measure Reporting for all incentive programs, including Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), Meaningful Use, and Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). Built-in MIPS tools further simplify reporting compliance with intuitive MIPS calculators, measure indicators, and automated reporting that comply with MACRA reporting requirements.

To earn the ONC Health IT 2015 Edition certification, was tested to be in accordance with applicable standards and certification criteria put forth by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  • version 1.1 2015 Edition Certificates: ID#
  • Modules Tested: 170.315 (a)(1-3, 5,9,12-14); (b)(1-2); (c)(1-3); (d)(1-9, 12, 13); (e)(3); (f)( 5, 7); (g)(2-9)
  • Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) Tested: 50v8; 68v9; 69v8; 131v8; 138v8; 142v8; 143v8; 156v8; 165v8
  • Additional Software Used: NLM Medline Plus Connect, NLM Implantable List API, NLM Device Lookup API, UPDOX v2016.0; Cert ID, Rcopia4 (DrFirst) Cert ID

For more information about the ONC Health IT 2015 Edition and Cures Update certification, visit First Insight’s certifications web page.

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