EDGEPro Practice Analytics & MaximEyes Empowers Eye Care Professionals

EDGEPro Practice Analytics

EDGEPro Practice Analytics & MaximEyes Empowers Eye Care Professionals

Every successful practice takes the time to study its strengths and weaknesses to achieve its goals and objectives. That is why MaximEyes.com by First Insight is partnering with EDGEPro by GPN Technologies.

This new integration with EDGEPro provides eye care professionals (ECPs) with real-time practice analytics that will empower doctors and staff to learn more about their business while maximizing revenue.

Let’s review how a powerful analytics platform that integrates with ophthalmology and optometry practice management software will boost your business to the next level.

EDGEPro and MaximEyes.com Integration Improves Operational Efficiencies and Profitability

With the EDGEPro and MaximEyes.com integration, doctors and staff use an application programming interface (API) that automatically pulls data from the practice management system into EDGEPro nightly, so it’s ready when they need it. EDGEPro lets you customize dashboards, find lost opportunities, manage frame boards, analyze managed vision care (MVC) plans, and track staff performance.

“GPN Technologies is delighted to provide fully-integrated, best-in-class analytics to MaximEyes.com clients. We recognize the importance of convenience, accuracy, and accessibility for these users, and we are confident that EDGEPro will help ensure the best results for your practice,” said C. Edward Buffington, President and CEO of GPN Technologies.

“The EDGEPro integration with MaximEyes.com practice management software will help practices collect the data they need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses,” says Nitin Rai, President and CEO of First Insight. “Our partnership with GPN Technologies shows our commitment to joining forces with industry-leading companies to improve operational efficiencies for our customers.”

Customize Your Practice Revenue Dashboards

Numbers can get messy, and having scattered data can become incredibly stressful for you and your staff. EDGEPro helps you get to your data as quickly as possible with customizable dashboards. Modify and arrange your dashboard with the metrics you need the most throughout the day.

For instance, the contact lens dashboard will allow you to view your most popular contact lens brands, how many patients purchase daily lenses, and your rate of annual contact lens supply sales all in one screen. This dashboard can also be viewed for each doctor in your practice.

There are multiple dashboards you can create that will fit your daily routine. Set the views to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, so you can easily keep track of your practice’s revenue.

EDGEPro Customize Dashboard

Image: Customize Your Dashboard (provided by GPN Technologies)

Set Opportunities and Goals for Practice Revenue Metrics

Every opportunity you have is a doorway into bringing your practice more revenue and growth. EDGEPro will stay on top of the metrics and automatically highlight the best revenue-building opportunities that specifically work for you.

Set goals for those metrics that align with your priorities and easily compare or track your results by team member, vision plan, or doctor. Get the best return on your initiatives by never missing another opportunity that could be right in front of your eyes.

Want to know the latest trends and key performance indicators (KPIs) for revenue, exams, frames, and lenses? Check out EDGEPro’s Industry Trends to help you understand how the eye care industry is performing.

EDGEPro Opportunities Revenue Metrics

Image: Set Opportunities and Goals for Practice Revenue Metrics (provided by GPN Technologies)

Manage Your Ophthalmic Frames Boards

According to the Grand View Research, in 2020 the global eyewear market had a value of 147.60 billion USD. Studies predict that from 2021 to 2028, there will be a compound annual growth rate of 8.5%. It’s essential to always have your best-performing frame brands or manufacturer lines on-hand and available for sale.

EDGEPro allows you to easily review your brand revenues and turnover rate, so you can decide if you should keep or replace a frame line. Manage your ophthalmic frame board inventory, so you always have what your patients are looking for in stock.

EDGEPro Ophthalmic Frames Board

Image: Manage Your Ophthalmic Frames Boards (provided by GPN Technologies)

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Eye Care Staff

A successful practice should have a well-trained and motivated staff that constantly strives towards patient satisfaction.

EDGEPro organizes your information and shows you how each staff member is performing, allowing you to track them as a group or individually. Seeing your critical metrics by staff will help you identify your strongest performer and who may need additional training.

Use this information to create an effective training program that teaches and motivates your employees to become efficient, innovative, and productive. Remember, your staff gets to determine a patient’s experience during their visit, and you get to manage an incredible team!

Read more about our 6 Tips for Hiring, Training, and Motivating Your Eye Care Staff.


Image: Track Key Performance Indicators for Your Staff (provided by GPN Technologies)

Analyze Managed Vision Care (MVC) Plan Participation

According to the Vision Council VisionWatch U.S. Consumer Study, 50.3 percent of the U.S. adult population (130 million) has vision insurance or MVC plan coverage. Every eye care practice has different plans that work best for them, and it’s challenging to know which plans are most profitable.

Because MVC plans are often a significant component of a practice’s revenue, it’s critical to determine which vision plans ensure your practice revenue continues to grow. EDGEPro allows you to quickly understand your MVC patient’s value in one dashboard. You can also view and analyze dozens of essential metrics for MVC patients and revenues.

EDGEPro Analyze Vision Plan Participation

Image: Analyze Vision Plan Participation (provided by GPN Technologies)

Real-time Access to Practice Metrics Grows Your Practice

The integration between MaximEyes.com and EDGEPro by GPN Technologies provides easy access to your responsive, accurate, and secure data so your business continues to grow. EDGEPro delivers real-time access to your practice metrics automatically, helping to ensure that you never miss an opportunity again.

MaximEyes.com will carefully select data points to reflect your sales activity accurately and in real-time. As you begin using this powerful integration, you can rest assured that we have created safety and security protocols to protect your data and patient information.

Let’s take your eye care practice to the next level. Request a demo today to see how MaximEyes.com can help you become more efficient.

NOTE: The EDGEPro integration listed above also works with existing MaximEyes PMS (version 11.x) systems.

The featured photo in this blog was provided by GPN Technologies.