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The First Insight Story

We like to think destiny had a hand in our history here at First Insight. Over two decades ago, our founder and CEO, Nitin Rai, was diagnosed with an eye condition called lattice degeneration. During a checkup with his optometrist, he was drawn to the doctor’s computerized patient tracking system.

A visionary, technologist, and entrepreneur, Nitin knew he could build a better optometry and ophthalmology software solution that would make patient care easier. With help from eye care experts across the country—and a whip-smart team of employees—that’s exactly what he did.

A History of Firsts

The First Insight story is punctuated by many firsts—milestones that have shaped who we are and the eye care solutions we create. We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had and the relationships we’ve built as we keep looking forward. Our vision for better ophthalmology and optometry software is rooted in our history. Here are some of those milestones from the very beginning of First Insight.

June 2015

MaximEyes software is one of the first three EHRs to integrate with AOA MORE® Registry.

August 2013

First “eye-care-only” software company to be listed on the 2014 ONC Certified HIT Product List.

June 2008

First practice management and EHR software company focused exclusively on the ophthalmic market to launch a true “end-to-end” ePrescribing solution through its integration with the DrFirst® award-winning Rcopia® ePrescribing technology.

June 2004

First practice management company to integrate with Eyefinity’s online service for VSP authorization and claim filing.

May 2002

First eye care software to release HIPAA-ready version for electronic claims.

September 2000

First eye care software with online ordering and up-to-the-minute status on spectacle lenses and frame orders placed with labs across the U.S. via www.paradEyes.com.

July 1999

First eye care software to integrate with VSP-ICD for claims and lab orders.

November 1997

First eye care software to incorporate E&M coding intelligence for proper coding in electronic medical records.

July 1997

First eye care solution to integrate with VSP-IDC for authorizations.

February 22, 1994

First eye care practice management and electronic medical records software designed for Microsoft® Windows.

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