Why Medication Adherence Tools Are Important in Your EHR

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Why Medication Adherence Tools Are Important in Your EHR

Medication adherence refers to how a patient conforms to the timing, dosage and frequency of prescribed medications that a healthcare provider recommends. According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription drug non-adherence costs the U.S healthcare industry almost $300 billion a year.

While many optometry and ophthalmology EHRs offer integrated e-Prescribing solutions, there are several important reasons why your EHR should include medication history and adherence tools, as well as two-way e-prescribing features.

Medication Adherence Tools Improve Health Outcomes

Medication adherence tools within e-Prescribe software are interactive and patient-specific. They show providers medication adherence rates and up to two years of a patient’s prescription fill/refill data.

For example, the Patient Advisor tool in the MaximEyes EHR bi-directional e-Prescribing software gives providers easy access to advanced clinical, behavioral, and financial support tools that drive greater levels of adherence with medications and improve health outcomes.

Provide Education and Savings to Patients

Medication adherence tools allow providers to email or text useful information about the importance of medication adherence directly to a patient, right from the e-Prescribing workflow in your EHR. Education helps patients better understand their conditions and medications. Adherence tools, such as the Patient Advisor toolbar in MaximEyes EHR, include prescription savings coupons that you can give your patients to help offset their out-of-pocket expenses.

Trigger At-Risk Alerts

Medication adherence tools can trigger at-risk alerts for providers in the e-Prescribing workflow, identifying medication that is not being taken properly. It shows when the patient’s medications were prescribed, when they were filled, projected refills, and gaps when the patient should not have had medication available.

View Patient Medication Adherence Scores  

Medication adherence tools also show you the patient’s adherence score for the last 12 months by calculating a simple proportion of days covered (PDC) value for each medication.

Prescription Non-Adherence Reasons

  • Don’t understand the need for the medication
  • Don’t understand how to take the medication
  • Forget to take the medication
  • Can’t afford the medication
  • Have personal beliefs against taking medication

Prescription Non-Adherence Rates

  • 24% of prescriptions are never submitted to a pharmacy for filling
  • 28% of first-time prescriptions are never filled
  • 31% of prescriptions for chronic conditions are never filled

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