The Perfect EHR Formula: Customizable Software, Expert Training and Reliable Customer Support

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The Perfect EHR Formula: Customizable Software, Expert Training and Reliable Customer Support

When Dr. Lowell Lebovitz began looking for optometry EHR software for his practice, he chose an eye care EHR and practice management system that would support long-term goals of continued growth, profitability, efficiency, and stability. He needed an EHR system that would improve business efficiencies, so he could spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients.

First Insight sat down for a one-on-one with Dr. Lebovitz to discuss what he likes best about MaximEyes and how this top-rated optometry EHR software continues to stay ahead of other key players with coding changes, incentive program readiness and collecting MIPS data, and consistently delivering exceptional support and customer care.

What do you like best about the ability to customize MaximEyes?

With the help of our trainer, we customized our optometry EHR exam templates to match my current exam procedures and protocols as closely as possible. This helps me maneuver through exams quicker.

We also customized routine letters that we use to correspond with patients and other healthcare providers. In the long run, being able to customize within MaximEyes helps the patient examination process run more smoothly so I can spend more time with patients.

What do you like best about the MIPS support and training?

Our experience with First Insight staff and trainers is exceptional. First off, their job is very difficult. They have always been current on rules and regulations, which are variable and constantly changing. Then trainers need to educate and update the office doctors and staff.

Nearly every question I ask receives a prompt answer—those that have no answer readily available are researched and answered as quickly as possible. We can view recorded webinars, computer-based training, and detailed how-to guides on the “For Customers” website 24/7.

I know for a fact that I could never have attested for meaningful use without First Insight’s guidance. When I met with my MIPS consultant, who is working with Vision Source, he said MaximEyes EHR is significantly ahead of other key players when it comes to incentive program readiness and collecting MIPS data.

How has MaximEyes helped you be more productive?

MaximEyes practice management and EHR software have been very helpful in managing patient demographics, appointments, medical alerts, insurance information, but more important, patient stats about who, when, why and how often.

It’s a known fact that patient recalls can improve your bottom line. We’ve easily set up a recall system from within MaximEyes that lets us monitor our metrics from the stats we pull from the reports. This allows us to focus on areas of our practice that need attention—to determine what we are doing right and what we need to do better.

How would you rate the software upgrade process?

The upgrade team always explains the process to us very well and they do a great job of walking us through each checkpoint. Between my IT person and First Insight technicians, we always have all bases covered. If we do run into a few snags, since no optometry software is perfect and there is always a learning curve with anything new, we’re able to work through them with relative ease.

How would you rate MaximEyes technical support and training?

Our office had excellent training prior to and during the initial learning process. The MaximEyes trainers streamlined the information as best as possible, so we would focus on the most important topics first.  While not all topics can be addressed through initial training, we can email questions to technical support where we receive a reply in a very short time, or we can use online chat.

Technical support is available almost my entire business day and even on Saturday. If the technicians are unable to address my issues at a specific time, they do get back to me within a reasonable time.

How does two-way e-prescribing in MaximEyes EHR benefit your practice?

We can easily submit regulatory-compliant e-prescriptions through the two-way interface with DrFirst Rcopia and MaximEyes EHR. We especially like how we can track a patient’s medication history, allergies, adherence, and other patient demographics. The e-prescribing module helps us qualify for incentive programs and the built-in Patient Advisor tools provide easy access to patient education and prescription savings coupons that we can give to our patients.

How does the E&M Code Checker help reduce coding errors?

The Code Checker within MaximEyes EHR has been very useful in helping me validate my decision-making process.  It also reminds me if there is something I did not address. It helps me to be a better coder by pointing out what criteria are necessary when considering the applicable code.

What makes MaximEyes stand out among other EHRs?

Everyone at First Insight works with customers to not just be “up and running” but to make sure we use the system to its full potential. They give me and my staff great personal attention, listen to us, and address our needs.

About Lowell Lebovitz, OD: Dr. Lebovitz is the owner of Envision Eye Care in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the co-administrator of Vision Source for Western PA. He is certified in the use of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents as well as treatment for glaucoma. He has been involved with numerous FDA studies regarding the advancement of contact lens care and materials. 

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MaximEyes EHR ranked #2 nationwide in 18 Key Performance Indicators and #1 in decision support for government incentive programs among the top 20 eye care EHRs in the 2017 Black Book healthcare research survey.

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